Chapter Nineteen

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Jordyn's POV


"Okay, we need to hurry. You've only got three hours before your date!" Nina said as the two girls barged into me and Nathan's room, pushing Nathan out.

"Don't break her!" Nathan called before the door was slammed in his face.

"Three hours? We have plenty of time." I laughed.

"No. Three hours is only one hundred and eighty minutes. And trust me, honey, it goes by quickly. Okay, we need you to try these on." Nareesha said, giving me a bag.

"What are these?" I asked, looking inside.

"Outfit ideas. First try the white skirt with the blue top." Nina said, pushing me into the bathroom.

"Can't I just wear jeans and a t-shirt?" I muttered, digging through the bag.

I ended up trying on four different outfits before finding the right one.

"Yes! That one is perfect. Tom will not be able to take his eyes off of you!" They both squealed. I kind of liked it. Okay, I really liked it. I just felt weird wearing something other than jeans or converse or baggy sweatshirts.

I was wearing a teal blue pencil skirt with a white lace shirt tucked into it with a black belt at the waist. They forced me to wear high heeled white ankle boots and I almost twisted my ankle about four times already.

"Okay, I'll blow out your hair to create loose curls and Nina will do your makeup." Nareesha told me. I played flappy bird on my iPhone as they 'fixed me up'.

It was past seven-thirty and my date was at eight. They were right; the three hours did pass by quickly.

"Okay, your makeup is all done!" Nina smiled, holding up a mirror.

I actually really liked how she did it. The colors were neutral. I never really wore makeup, but how Nina did it made it look really nice.

"I love it. Thank you so much." I smiled.

"Aw, you're welcome, hon." She replied.

"Hair is all done as well! What do you think?" Nareesha asked, letting the loose waves fall and frame my face nicely. "Oh, hold on. One more finishing touch." She took a small piece of hair by the front of my face and twisted it back, pinning it to the side with a tiny flower clip.

"Perfect!" They both cheered.

"Tom will be drooling when he sees you, love." Nareesha smiled.

"Thank you, guys. Really. This... is great. I've never actually been pampered like this before."

"Aw, did I ever tell you that your American accent is just adorable?" Nina said, clipping a necklace around my neck.

"It is? I try my best not to have British accent. It's the last thing I really have from America. The first eleven years of my life were spent there. Five in Canada and two here."

"Must've been hard with all this moving around." Nareesha said sympathetically.

"I didn't mind. I never really had friends so I liked moving. More than Celia."

"Whose Celia?" Nina asked me.

"My sister. She was the popular one. Everywhere she went." I said, looking down. "She has blonde hair and blue eyes. Everyone liked her. But she didn't like moving."

"Oh. Hey, look at the time. It's seven fifty. Better head on downstairs. I bet Tom's waiting for you." Nareesha smiled. "Have fun."

"Thanks, guys. I really do appreciate it." I said, hugging them before going downstairs.

I heard Jay wolf-whistle as I descended down the stairs. Tom stood up from the couch. I felt embarrassed. He was in a leather jacket and white t-shirt with jeans and sneakers while I looked like... well, this.

Everyone knew I didn't dress fancy- ever.

"Wow, Jordyn... you look amazing," Tom said, walking over to me. I felt exposed. "I've never seen anyone so beautiful."

"Yeah, Jordyn, you really look gorgeous." Nathan chimed in.

"Nare and Nina did a great job." Max added.

"You look... like a princess." Siva said.

"I..." I began. Did I really look that much different?

"We better go. The reservations are at eight fifteen." Tom smiled at me. I nodded and decided to keep my mouth closed.


(Just in case it was a bit confusing, Jordyn is worried Tom will like her better if she dressed fancy all the time)

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