Chapter 6

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Katniss POV

That sucked. Now I understood the expression beauty is pain. My skin was waxed in several places and it still hurt. I was wearing just a thin robe, my hair splayed on my shoulders. The door opened and a man walked in. He didn't look like any of the Capitol people I'd seen before. He wore simply black clothes and gold eyeliner. "I'm Cinna," he said introducing himself. "And I'm so sorry." I snort. "Most people just congratulate me," I told him. "Well. I don't see the point in that," he said. I managed a small smile. "I'm your stylist and a son of Athena," he informed me.

"So. You're here to help me look pretty," I said a touch of malice in my voice. "I'm here to help you make and impression. Let's get to work shall we," he said. He did my hair and makeup, explaining to me all the steps. Then, he moved on to my nails. "Alight," he said after what seemed like ages. "Let's get you changed for the tribute parade." He pull put a garments bag and quickly dresses me. "Now this suit is totally fireproof and since your from district 12, coal, we're gonna show not the miners this year, but the fire the coal brings," he informs me. I smile realizing where this is going.

I stand by the chariot waiting for Peeta. He is wearing a similar outfit but it is obviously fitted for him. I give a small wave. "What do you think," I ask. He looks around as if to make sure no one is listening. "I'll rip off your cape if you rip off mine," he says. "Deal," I tell him smilingly. Cinna and Peeta's stylist, Portia, make they're way towards us. "Ready," they ask. Peeta and I nod mutely. I see Percy and Annabeth off to the side talking with Haymitch about something. Haymitch paled and took a swig from his flask.

"Ok we're gonna light you up now. Don't be nervous," Cinna said as he light Peeta and I up. We walked onto the chariot as people around us gasped. Then, the first districts head off. Cinna and Portia were motioning to us as we pulled out of the center. "What are they saying," I asked. "I think he wants us to hold hands," Peeta said blushing. I felt my face go a bit warm as I took his hand in mine. When we came into view, everyone began screaming. People were throwing flowers. I look at the screens to see we were stunning. Cinna is amazing, I thought to myself. We pulled into the circle as President Snow welcomed us.

Peeta and I kept holding on to each other. I was afraid if I let go I would be shaking. Then we were back in the center and Cinna put out the flames. Percy, Annabeth, Haymitch, and Effie rushed towards us. "That was amazing," Effie gushed. "It's nice to meet another child of Athena," Annabeth said introducing herself to Cinna. They began rambling on about who knows what. "You guys looked amazing. HOnestly that was wicked cool," Percy said. "Thanks. It was actually pretty cool to see the fire," I told him. Peeta nodded in agreement. "Nice job sweetheart," Haymitch said. "Are you sure you should be near something so flammable," I asked sarcastically. "Are you sure," he began. He stopped mid-sentence and began staring at something, or someone, behind me. Peeta and I turned around to see the boy from two staring. "Let's go upstairs," Haymitch suggested.

We walked and all crammed into the elevator. Effie was talking about how lucky we are to have the top but I really wasn't paying attention. Why was that boy staring at me? Why did Haymitch bring us away from him? Why were Percy and Annabeth looking at each other like they knew something we didn't? I wanted answers and I was determined to get them.

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