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Chapter One

It was the summer of 1922 and Railey, Grayson, and Kyler had just moved into their new house in Salem, Massachusetts. They were so excited to finally start high school, the summer couldn't go by fast enough. When the last week of summer came around the girls went to find out what school they would be attending, West Salem High School. They thought about what classes they would take, what sports the would play, and what clubs they would be in.

The first day of school finally was here. As the girls got out of the car they waved goodbye to their mom. With arms intwined with one another's, they took a deep breath and walked into the doors. The warning bell rang and the girls jumped, they had never heard a bell so loud. They certainly didn't know what that bell meant. They made their way to the office to claim their class schedule and locker number.

As the girls entered the office the woman behind the desk asked, "shouldn't you girls be in class?" Without a warning the girls answered almost in sync, "we came to claim our class schedule and locker number." The lady behind the desk handed them their schedules and were on their way.

The girls had the exact same schedule, which they were very happy with. First period, History, then English, Biology, Calculus, Chorus, Home Ec., and Health. At lunch, the girls were confused on where they should sit. So they chose a little round table with four seats by the window.

As weeks passed the girls have gotten used to going to games and parties. The girls joined sports teams, and clubs. Railey joined Soccer and Drama Club. Grayson joined the football team, their first girl player in years, and the Cross Country team. Grayson wasn't really a girl with a sense to join a club. Kyler joined the Cheerleading Squad and Mathletes. As more and more weeks went by, the girls drifted apart.

Chapter Two

One night the girls had to finish a project for their Health class. "What the hell, Grayson? Why did you take my paper? I needed that last one." Railey was furious. "What am I supposed to do? You can't make a paper mâché heart without paper!" Grayson fired back. "You didn't have to take mine! You could have gotten more somewhere else!" Railey was almost at her breaking point. "Where am I supposed to get more paper from? I used all mine!" Grayson was right with her. "Stop fighting! You are being ridiculous! We can just go downstairs to the storage and get more! Now calm the hell down!" Kyler had had enough of their bickering.

The girls walked downstairs to what they thought was storage. The girls flipped the light switch and looked around for paper. They found none. As the girls started up the stairs something that sounded like a rusty gate opened in the back of the room. They walked over to the gate, trembling. With enough curiosity to overcome the fear of what might be inside, the girls walked passed the gate into a hallway that smelled of decay. Putting aside the the care of the smell they walked down the never ending hallway. Where at the end was a room. Placed in the room was a coffin and something that looked like a shrine.

The girls looked at all the pictures of a little girl. They came across a newspaper article that was titled "Locals Burn Ten Year Old Girl." The pictures were very explicit, one showed a little girl being held by about five men, she was screaming. There was a fire, the girls thought they would throw her into it. In the article it said they threw her in and cheered as her body burned.

Behind them they heard a giggle and a little girl saying hello. They looked back, no one was there. They looked around. Opening chests and boxes. Looking everywhere, but found nothing. They turned to the hallway, but just as they were about to face the hallway. A girl appeared who looked just like the girl in the photos. The girls screamed, but the girl calmed them. They asked with shaky voices, "who are you?" "I'm Lily Sanderson. How do you call?" The girls looked at each other then back at Lily, confused. "What are your names?" They told Lily their names, but the girls were still very frighten by the sight of a paranormal entity. They asked if she was going to kill them. She said that she was looking for something. Railey asked how a girl so young had died. She started with her history...

Chapter Three

She told them that her ancestors founded this town in the 1600s. They were witches. But when settlers came, claiming the land as their own. The witches were furious with the settlers burning buildings and chopping down trees.

They tried destroying them, but the people burned the witches the only witch left was their daughters. The daughters grew up and married, the husbands not knowing of their wives being witches. The daughters conceived two children to each of the three daughters. Until the husbands found them doing witchcraft. The were terrified, so they took their wives and burned them. The burning kept continuing for decades and decades and more to follow.

Until 1823 Lily was born, three months later the townsfolk burned her mother's body.

The girl screamed in excruciating pain. Holding her hand out, yelling for them to help her out and show her mercy.

A man in a white coat came after the fire burned out, picked up the body and brought her to the local hospital. Doctors returned and said that she had major burns, but they will try everything they can to keep her alive. After a couple minutes of treatment the girl passed away. The man who helped her was devastated.

The souls of the group of men that burned Lily's body, are looking for the key to Pandoras Secret. Lily needs help finding the key before the men find it first. This was life or Hell. Even though Lily was dead, she chose life. She did not want the living to go through what she and her ancestors went through, from generation to generation.

She needed someone who could help her, who wasn't dead. Then it came to her, she thought of the girls she had met. She thought they would be perfect. There was only one problem, she needed to convince them to help her.

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