One Shot -- (Hershey Kisses)

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Hershey Kisses // Harry Styles

She adjusted the strap of her bag on her shoulder before sliding out her cellphone and dialling her best friend's number.


 He picked up on the third ring. 


 "It's me Tori-"

 "I know you silly. There is something called saved contacts on my phone."

 "No. I meant-ugh. Leave that." Her hands flew up to rub her temples. "Where are you?"

 "On my roof. Why?"

 "See you in a while."

 Not a syllable later, the phone call ended without letting Harry have any say in the matter.


"What's up?" Formality ensued from his end.

 "Me and," she trailed off staring into the open space in front of them. "Jake broke up."

 They shared a not-so-cosy meeting on top of his roof, lying down on an uncomfortable base and looking up at the sky. The sky bore the darkness that it normally does around seven in the evening and the temperature matched the autumn weather. 

 "Oh my God." Harry sat up and hugged Tori simply because that was the only gesture that his mind came up with in this moment of emotional distress. "I'm so sorry."

 His facial expressions dropped to morph on a look of agony and Tori couldn't help but let out a small laugh. 

 "Harry, it's just a break-up. Nobody died." 

 "You're laughing?" He answered with a tone that conveyed he took offence; on behalf of Jake, probably.

 "It's just a break-up." She repeated. "I'm fine."

 Tori was only finding this funny that Harry was taking the break-up more seriously than she was and she really had no idea where the stoicism was intervening from. 

 "So you're not sad?" 

 "Not even the least bit." She nodded and reverted with a pure and happy smile.

 "That's good then." Harry only seemed puzzled and pulled himself back to lie down again.

 "But I should be sad. You know?" Her speech ceased his actions mid way and he sat up straight.

 "Why aren't you then?"

 "I don't know. I don't know why I feel so light yet so heavy. It's like I lost nothing. I gained nothing. Is that bad?"

 "Could be."


 "It could be bad in a way that you're losing hope in trusting people or it could be good too. Maybe you have someone else you care about and now you're free."

 His words left her to ponder over. 

 "What if it's neither?"

 "I don't know."

 "What do you know?" She giggled again pulling the both of them out of the deep talk. 

 "I know that kisses solve everything."

 "Ew. Harry. I'm your best friend. Don't make a move on me, you idiot."

 She playfully slapped his arm which then dug into his jeans pocket before he pulled out tiny foiled chocolates.

 "I meant Hershey kisses, Tori." He tore open one and offered to her. "Get your mind out of the gutter young lady."

 "Whatever." She rolled her eyes and took the tiny chocolate in her hands and chewed it without a second thought.

 "I only had one and you didn't even offer me." He stuck his lips together to pout in a way Tori despised. "Now I'm kiss-less."

 She chuckled again and thought better than to accuse him of flirting again. 

 "Here you go." 

 She heaved forward a little and dropped a feather light kiss on his soft cheeks and smiled at him.

 "That not too bad a bargain, you know." He smiled back and the both of them lay back on the roof again, staring up at the stars. 

 She smiled, to no one in particular and just let lose enjoying the moment of feeling loved and blessed. She lost a relationship but she probably didn't care as much because what she didn't lose was the feeling of being loved. And it just so happened the person who could make her feel that was right beside her. 

 He was her friend, just like the stars that appear beautifully in the night sky. They don't always shine but they are always there. Somewhere powering us. Somewhere hidden.


Written by  @maddie856

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