Chapter 2 - Birthday

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Amelia's P.O.V

No, no, no, no, NOOOOOOOOO!!!

I can't believe that it is already May! My birthday is coming soon and... My mom has chosen my husband. I am going to meet him today in 1 hour and I'm not even dressed! GAAAAAAAAA!!!

1 Hour Later...

I entered the living room and my future husband was sitting there... And he is BEAUTIFUL. He has blonde flowing hair with green eyes that sparkle in the light. I was a little nervous when he introduced me to him, his name was Zander of The North Gregins. He kissed my hand and I blushed, we sat down and started talking about life, it was kinda weird cause he we had a long talk about the fame of Nala but he is PRETTY. I felt like he was perfect... Until he said that he has dated 57 girls... WHAT THE FUCK?!? What kinda guy says that he has dated a lot of girls in front of his future wife!? WORST FUTURE HUSBAND EVER!!! Zander seemed so nice till he had the evil look on his fucked up ( Maybe BEAUTIFUL ) face! Well anyways, he had to spend the night because his parents are going out of the land so... Ya. I didn't feel like talking to Zander anymore so I decided to have some free time to myself for the rest of the day...


I opened my room door and found out that my room was a complete MESS! Even worse Zander came WITH Isabella next to him! I didn't want Zander to think I was rude so I asked Izzy to come to the bathroom with me so I can talk to her alone...


"It was you birthday present vengeance number 1" Izzy said with a innocent smile



"UGH, we will just see how YOUR birthday turns out this year" I ended the talk and went back to Zander

I apologized to Zander about my room and he said it was ok. He left to the guest room and then I had to ask the maid to clean my room so I can go to bed. I couldn't get any free time cause of my fucking sister. After that I went to bed dreaming about the biggest birthday party of my life, my 16th.

Zander's P.O.V

I am in my car and I am ready to meet my mate for life. Queen Sarah took me to the living room where I would lay eyes on the beautiful jewel of Nala. I am quite devious, I must admit she is gorgeous but I've seen better from the other 57 girls I have dated. We started talking about her birthday and our future wedding but all I wanted was the money and the fame. Then we talked about the riches and the fame Nala had in the land, it was amusing and made want to marry her even more. I told her all the girls I have dated, now that I think about it, maybe that wasn't such a good idea. After that I think I made her upset so she went into her room and that is went "Izzy" came into the room to watch. T.V. She was covered in dirt, water, and a little bit of glass, but I think she is just CRAZY.

She saw I was in the room so she said "hi" and that is when I heard a scream coming from Amelia. I quickly followed the voice and found Amelia looking at her room in shock, her room was a mess. She wanted to talk to Isabella alone, I'm guessing she did it... Oh well.

She was done with her little talk with "Izzy" and then I went to one of the guest rooms and slept away dreaming about me ruling Nala, it was a nice dream...

Isabella's P.O.V

I woke up in the morning ( or the afternoon ) getting ready for my evil plan to ruin my sister's ( Amelia's ) birthday party. I am going to mess up her room like BIG TIME and she won't see it coming. The reason I am doing this is because she wouldn't share her chocolate milk with me on MY birthday, so I am planning revenge on HER. I know it might seem stupid to mess up my sister's room, but she has a lot of fragile things in there and I am going to destroy them ALL. I started off with the paintings, they were stupid. Then with the bed, decorations, food trays, clothes, shoes, and EVERYTHING YOU CAN THINK OF IN YOUR ROOM. Then it was time to destroy the fragile, glass stuff. After that I was pretty tired so I went into the living room to watch some T.V.

When I entered the room I was ZANDER in there, I forgot that today was the day Amelia meets her boyfriend! I knew I had to act fast but I panicked and said "hi" to Zander and tried to run back to my sister's room. I was too late, I heard my sister screaming and Zander and I went to check on her. Amelia seemed pretty upset and MAD. She wanted to talk to me alone in the bathroom , she started talking about the mess and I tried my best to play it cool and acted like I didn't care. It was hard for me to lie to my sister but I made it. After that Zander left and I was put in my room for "Bedtime" so I went to sleep dreaming about MELVIN.

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