Sun dogs

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Alice's P.O.V.

Tonights party is going to be awesome!! Im so happy all my friends will be here. The girls get to stay and the boys have to leave at 11. i am wearing a pretty red dress that matches my eyes. the only problem is I've been feeling bad lately, like a twisting feeling in my stomach, but i cant cancel my party so close to time. ill just have to power through it. people will start showing up at 6 and i only have an hour to get ready, and my friends are normally early. sure enough at 5:30 my best friend showed up. she looked way better than me in her hot pink strapless dress.

Ben's P.O.V.

Today at school i over heard there was a huge party going on at this one girls place, i think her name was airel, no maybe it was alice, yeah i think it was. Its also her 16th birthday. I can go as long as i can get a ride there and back. honestly the only reason i was going was to get out of the foster house for at least a night. I have this odd feeling in the pit of my stomach i can't really describe. I don't have a tux, i hope im not anymore out of place than normal with my jeans and t shirt...

Clair's P.O.V.

I hate this outfit that i have to wear, it is a short maid dress that doesn't cover my boobs enough, i'm sure i'll be hearing the cat calls tonight from all the idiots who drink alcohol mixed with wolfsbane so that they can actually get drunk, I don't want to clean the whole house again, and no doubt there will be random rooms with whores in them. I was walking downstairs and ran straight into the alpha, he looked pretty pissed, and he is huge. his jaded emerald eyes made me think they could pierce my soul. Then he shoved me out of the way calling me a 'worthless omega', whatever that means, i do all the damn work here.

Dylan's P.O.V.

That damn omega was in the way, and her eyes are creepy, almost a clear blue. She looked like a whore in the outfit she was in. Ha she will have some fun tonight, even if the guys are drunk they are still way taller. I cant believe she was born the same time on the same day as me, it's almost like a disgrace, the alpha born at the same time as the lowly omega. She isn't even going to shift tonight. She will just turn human and die, if her wolf doesn't wake up.

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