Preference #15 - "I could live like this forever"

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#15 - “I could live like this forever.”

·         Harry:“All tuckered out?” Gemma teased, poking at the side of Harry’s head. He stuck his tongue out at her in response, keeping his hands fanned over your back as some form of protection, just in case Gemma decided to poke elsewhere. “I’m not gonna touch her,” she noted with a smirk. “Don’t worry. I wasn’t raised by wolves.” Harry gave her a dimpled grin, tutting, “Coulda fooled me.” Gemma stuck her tongue at him once before settling against the last bench of the van. It was a good ten minutes before she spoke up again. “You’re not uncomfortable like that?” She inquired, gesturing towards the way Harry’s left leg was hung off the bench and his shoulders were propped up against the door, the crown of his head clanking against the window whenever the van hit a bump in the road. “You know there’s still four hours ’till San Francisco.” Harry gave one of his shoulders half a shrug, smoothing his right hand up and down your back. “Don’t wanna risk moving, in case I wake her up. I’m fine.” She gave her brother another once over, eyes squinting a little in speculation. “This is really serious then, hm? Like proper stuff. ‘Cause you’d normally be asleep by now, but clearly you’re too uncomfortable to do so and yet too worried about her to move.” Harry gave her another shrug, mumbling, “Pretty serious. I could live like this forever, Gem.”

·        Liam:You stuck your tongue out at the boy, only getting a second or two before scrambling towards the bedroom. Trying your hardest to get the door shut before Liam bounded through, your strength weakened with a string of laughter. “You’re terrible!” He called out, running his fingers through the front bit of his batter-covered hair. Liam gave the bedroom door a good enough push for you to give way, getting on top of the bed before Liam could curl his fingers around your hips. But in a flash, he was on top of you, straddling your waist and his fingers were tickling up and down your sides. “I give!” You cried out, swatting at his wrists until his hands stilled. Liam then ducked down to press his lips to yours with one, two, three quick pecks of kisses. “I could live like this forever, you know,” Liam murmured after a moment, lips still a little bit stuck on yours although the smile stretching across his face was pulling them more away. Your eyelashes fluttered amusedly at him, the smile on your own face growing once Liam pressed another chaste kiss against them. “You trying to propose or something, Liam?” You teased, smoothing your palms along the wrinkling shoulders of his shirt. “No,” he replied, hands lazily tugging at the hem of your shirt. “Not yet, at least.”

·         Louis:“Babe,” Louis called out softly, half a smile quirking along his lips as he smoothed the pad of his thumb along your right temple. “Babe, wake up.” You squirmed in your half asleep state, flipping over so you were facing him with a frown tugging at the ends of your mouth. “Wh’time’s’it?” You grumbled as soon as you settled, squeezing your eyes once like that sole act was going to get you back to sleep and back into your dream where you were currently hobbling about an awards after party with Katy Perry. “Little past nine,” Louis answered back, voice just as soft. “Too early,” you conceded, slipping your left leg between his and sliding your arms further around his torso. Louis exhaled a small chuckle at that, smoothing the hair from your forehead before piping, “What’re you gonna want f—” But his question halted abruptly when you butted the end of your chin to his chest, your eyebrows furrowed with minute aggravation. “No with the talking, Lou. Back to sleep.” Another breath of a chuckle left his lips as Louis circled his arms over your shoulders, huddling you as close to him as physically possible. “Yeah,” he hummed to himself, nudging his face against your hair which dribbled over to his pillow. “I could live like this forever.”

·         Niall:This is a bit weird,” you confessed, shuffling to lay on the bed with Niall following after you not a moment too soon. “A good weird though,” he asked for reassurance, his head sinking into the seemingly untouched pillow. “Right?” With a smile, you nodded. Niall gave his head its own small nod before fixing his eyes straight above. It was the best thing about you two, probably, at least in Niall’s position, that he could lay here with you beside him and not utter a word and still feel like you’re on the same page. A bit like you were made for one another, hearts connected before you had even stumbled upon him what feels like a millennia ago at that party your friend dragged you to. “I could live like this forever,” Niall mumbled carefully, hooking the two last fingers of his left hand around yours. “Yeah?” You murmured, keeping your eyes trained on the intricate detailing of the hotel room ceiling. You could see a flicker of a smile twitch at his mouths anyhow. “Yeah,” Niall echoed. “Well good,” You mused, shifting so you laid on your side with a stupidly wide looking smile plastered across your face. “‘Cause you’re gonna be stuck with me forever.” Niall’s smile mimicked yours nearly identically once either of his hands cupped your sides, tugging you to lean up against him before he was kissing at your lips. Your own hands came up to lay on top of his, a small clink of your rings hitting one another bouncing off the room walls.

·         Zayn:“Hey,” he started, voice a little wobbly before he cleared his throat some times, hoping it’d be enough to get the warning crack to go away. “This isn’t. I mean, I don’t hate this. I don’t hate you.” You opened your mouth to retort, arms still crossed over your chest which Zayn had learned meant you were more hurt than you’d let on. “And I know that’s not what you said, I know you’d never say that you hate me, but. I like this. I like us. We’re different and we’re not exactly opposites, like the books always tell you the best couples are, but we’re different enough that we, like. We fit. And all of this,” Zayn let out a harsh exhale, running his left hand through his hair before he was flitting it airily in front of him. “All of this anger, or whatever you want to call it, it’s not. I’m not going to go anywhere, you. You know that, right?” He hadn’t bothered waiting for a verbal response before he carried on. Once Zayn was on a roll, he had to get everything out before his brain went haywire and he started backtracking. “Sometimes things are really shitty and other times they’re really good and maybe it’s a bit unbalanced lately with a lot of bad days and only the occasional good day, but. I can do this. I could live like this forever, so long as it means having with you."

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