Chapter 2

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I walked into the student's room at five am. They were now my trainees and I have a year to teach them everything that they need to know about how their life will be at court. This included teaching them how to dance, how to play music, how to act, how to converse with royalty and how to fight to protect them. My job was extremely difficult but the pressure placed upon them would be crushing. Most of our trainees have at least seven years to learn everything and these people have never even been around royalty before. Even so I had to teach them everything in a matter of months as they had been placed onto the fast track course.

"Wakey wakey. Time to get up." I shouted.

They winced at the loudness of my voice and snuggled deeper into bed. I sniggered and nodded towards Declan. He walked over to a big set of double doors and unlocked them. Inside was a large church bell, one that used to be used to chime the time before we got alarm clocks. He rang it five times. My new trainees jumped out of bed, terrified. I laughed hysterically at the looks on their faces.

"Come on. I told you it would be an early start. Get dressed, we are going to the gym." I told them once I got my voice under control.

They groaned but did as they were told. They were still confused about everything. I walked down to the gym besides Declan, we were laughing about something when Jake came up behind us.

"You still haven't explained anything to us yet." He told me, "You can't keep putting it off you know."

"Your parents arrive at the end of the week for the introduction ball. They can explain it to you then."

We arrived at the gym, cutting off anything that he was about to say. Good, hopefully he would spread around what I had told him and not bug me for any more answers that I cannot give. We walked in and my sisters were already there with their trainers. I bit back a snigger, they had probably been here for hours preparing the trainees for the hard work to come.

We arranged the trainees in a straight line and told them to go stand where they were told. They were then arranged into groups and moved into different rooms. I walked into my training room and bit back a grimace. Of course, out of the entire group that had come and been split, Jake and Shannon were in my group. There were also two more girls and two more boys.

"Right, I will get right to the point. You are here to be taught about court life and how to act here. You will be taught how to converse with royals and those with noble blood. It is part of your lineage and your entire families have done this. Your first test will be at the end of this week and we have a lot of work to do. You will be tested on your conversation skills with the royals who will be there and your stamina at keeping up with demands. It will be difficult but you have to pass, if you fail there are some serious consequences." I told them.

Jake stood up and walked over to me, threateningly close.

"And how do you expect us to be able to do all of this in a week. It's impossible. How on earth do you expect us to converse with royalty. You can do it so easily and just expect that we can to. We cannot learn to chat with prissy, stuck up royals in seven days."

I stayed silent through this outburst. Dimitri chuckled, it was a forced chuckle from the back of his throat. It sounded very evil. I bit back a smirk.

"What?" Jake demanded.

"Nothing, I just think it's funny that you think that you can't talk to royal yet you are right now and you don't seem to mind." Dimitri answered.

"That's different, I've known Beth for ages. I only found out she was a princess yesterday."

"Come on, you can have your little girl fight later. Now is the time I have to get you stylish and from what I can see, it's going to be a long and painful job" I said, raising my eyebrow at them.

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