What are you doing here?

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"Stella, wake up!"Emily called from the kitchen.

"mmm..I'm sleepy Em!"I mumbled in my sleep.

"You've already slept through half the day, I want to go and see the pool, would you get up already!"

"You're so annoying!"I said covering my head with a pillow.

"Why thank you Stell!"she teased.

I scrambled out of bed and took a shower.

"Hey Em, do we have any bathing suit?"I asked curiously.

"Oh shoot, I forgot to pack for us, well we could always go shopping instead!"she said grinning to herself.

As I mentioned before my sister loved anything to do with clothes, she had a passion for fashion .

"Yeah, whatever you want to do!"I said dryly.I didn't feel like doing anything, not after Josh had been such a jerk to me.

The sweet Josh, hah!He was anything but sweet.

"Hey Stella, you've been acting rather dull ever since you came  back from backstage, do you want to talk about it?"

Emily and I never hid anything from each other and I really needed to talk to someone about it so I told her everything that had happened.

" Stella, I know he acted like a jerk but you had a crush on him for like as long as I could remember, are you just going to forget about him?"Emily questioned.

Well she did have a point there.

"Em, everything I thought he was, he wasn't, I had liked him because of his ways, I just never thought he would of been such a jerk!"

"Stella, you ever thought that maybe he is being such a jerk because he just had a bad break up with the girl everyone could of seen he was in love with!"

"Yes but still..."

"And then she went and started dating that actor right after, I mean, I could understand why he was acting like a jerk, I just wish you weren't the one he acted that way with, it was Salene he needed to act that way with not his fans, especially not you!"

"Yeah well I guess the damage is already done, it makes no sense we frustrate ourselves about someone who isn't worth it."I said dryly.

"Okay, Stella, you left the television on last night!"Emily complained as she walked into the living room.

"Oh, sorry Em, I'll go take it off!"

I was going to turn it off when I heard that name I had grown to love, Josh Bradson.Sigh, he still had an effect on me.Damn him!

"Bradson has decided to stay in a hotel near.. ...."I quickly turned of the television, I didn't care where he was staying.

"You ready?"I heard Emily call from the door.

"Yes, I'm coming!"

I wasn't going to think about him today, today was a day for me to be free and have some fun.

"So where are we going?"I asked curiously as we went down the elevator.

"Shopping, dad had told me there are plenty clothes stores right here in the hotel, how do you think he got me to come here with you!"She teased.

As the elevator stopped on the ground floor, I came face to face with the last person I wanted to see.

You guessed right, in front of me was Josh Bradson!

"What the hell are you doing here?"I asked angrily.

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