Survivors Chapter Four

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When we arrived back at the campus, it was quiet, just like when we left. The girl was gone. My heart sunk deeper into my chest. 

"Father, we should of helped her. She was in critical condition. She needed our help," I whispered. There was no one outside except for us. It felt uncomfortable to even breathe. The campus was so unwelcoming.

"No. She's probably dead. She'll be a walker by now. She was weak from the start. I ain't want you to be weak. You ain't going over there. No helpin' anyone," Father said, strictly. Father continued to walk over to our dorm. I had no choice but to follow. I held my head low but kept looking back at dorm four. I had so many questions about what went on inside the cement walls. Hopefully, they didn't lose the girl. But even if they did, I still felt guilty. 

"Sophie, what the hell are you doing? Get over here and stop staring into space," Father yelled.

"I'm not staring into space Father," I replied, holding my head up for once. 

"Then what are ya staring at?"

"The dorm. Dorm four."

Father gave me a dirty look. He sighed and dropped his basket full of cans on the ground. I automatically began to back away from him. His face was tight. His eyes were fierce. I could almost see steam coming out of from his ears. However, as he approached me, his face began to soften. Father reached out and pulled me into his shoulder. I tried to push away, but Father just squeezed tighter.

"I don't want you to die," he whispered with a sincere voice, "them walkers, we can beat them. They dead already. But those people. They're dying. Didn't I already tell you, death is infectious." His eyes began to tear. Father never cries. The only time I had ever seen Father cry was after Mom died. Now I was all he had left. I could see why he didn't want to help anyone. 

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry you have to cry. I know you don't want me to die. And I know I won't die. Don't worry, Father." He gave me a cold kiss on my cheek and released me from his tight squeeze. Father silently turned around, picked up his basket, and walked inside. I instantly realized how good I was at lying. 

I walked right through the dorm halls and up the stairs, ignoring all the greetings I recieved from the other survivors. I stormed straight into my room and dove right for my bed. The mattress felt like a cloud. A big, fluffy cloud of relief. A ray of sunlight landed right in my eyes as I turned over on my bed. I curled up in my sheets. Deep breath. In and out. All the emotions were bottled up inside of me. It was hard to watch someone suffer. It was hard to do nothing about it. Guilty. That's the word. Guilty.

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