Going back home?

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Chapter 1

Jason P.O.V.

“I’m gonna miss you guys a lot" I say to my three best mates- Andrew, Tim and Sam.

"Same here Jase." says Sam

"Don't you dare forget us!" chips in Andrew

"I wouldn’t dream of it." I smiled

I was going back. After 10 years of living in London, I was finally going back to the States. I love London, don't get me wrong. But USA is my home. I grew up there and now I'm going back. How would people take me in? I mean you can't hide the fact that I have a British accent. But I can't help being a little British. We moved here when I was 5 for my dad's job.

I guess I'll find out when I get there. I think about the school I'm gonna go to, Candersa Academy.  Does it sound like a posh school for snobby rich kids? Well, it is precisely that. My dad had some lucky breaks in his business here. I wonder how many girls are gonna fall for me there. Honestly, I’ve had enough of the faint-in-my-presence thing here in London. Hope they don't miss me too badly.

I shake my head smiling, remembering the group of fangirls that came to see me off at the airport.

The last call for our flight to New York is called.

"Well this is it you guys" I say sadly. I know everyone is upset but they're trying not to show it for my sake.

"Have fun mate." Tim clamps me on the back

"Email us when you get there" said Sam the worry-wart

"Well obviously, I wouldn't want you to have a heart attack thinking my plane crashed" I say sarcastically

"Damn, I'm gonna miss your sarcasm." Andrew shakes his head.

Sarcasm. That reminds me of a certain someone back in America I used to know.

"Jason, we need to board." My mom says softly.

"yeah okay Mom."

"Bye you guys" I wave a farewell and start walking. I reach the boarding bridge and turn around for the last time. I see all my friends grouped up waving at me.What I also see are girls from my school waving frantically and holding sign boards that say ‘I <3  u Jason!’’. I don’t think I’m ever going to get used to that. I wave back and duck into the door.

After we're done stowing everything in the luggage rack, I sit down and watch my dad take the seat next to me.

"I know this is really hard for you Jason. But you can talk to me if you want"

"dad I'm fine. There's nothing to talk about"  I look out the small round window of the aeroplane, taking a last look at England. Not wanting to talk I put on my headphones and watch a movie on the in-flight program.

I'm not sure when I fell asleep, but the next thing I know, my mom is waking me up

"Wake up Jason, we're here"

I look at the window and see the green trees and blue skies of my new home, New York.

I get out of the aeroplane and make my way to the airport trying to slow down so that my parents can keep up. Home again.

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Helloooooo Ishi here! This chap is written by Aash.

We're BOTH writing this even though we live mileeeees apart! >,<


So Jason's POV is by her and Hayley's POV is by moi. YES, there's a Hayley. No, you cannot have Jason all for yourself.

And errr please don't mind the title I couldn't think of anything. When Ash is online, we'll think of one, PROMISE.


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