Then he stood up and went to the bathroom. I would run, but there's no reason for running, because he will hear me, and then It's gonna be pretty awkward, and probably I'm not coming out from here alive. I guess I need to wait a little while, until he falls asleep again that son of the bitch..Jai walked in and stood in front of his mirror..DAMN he's hot. Fuck, he made me say that.Urghh Jai was shirtless..and his abs..I'm soo weak at hot Australian bodies..and accents..urghh and I hate to say that, but I have to admit, he's a sex machine  . But I hate him and we will NEVER gonna be together. I can't even imagine that..ewwww . shake it off Alex.

The inside of him really sucks . 

-----------------After 30 minutes of Jai looking at the mirror.-----------------------

Okay I think he seriously needs some professional help..All he did in fucking half an hour - just stared at himself in the freaking mirror,and took some selfies (and when  I say some, I mean A LOT) .

I got sooo tired, of waiting him, to go back to bed and sleep that, I almost fall asleep on the floor. Under his bed. Yep. 

He finally looked in a different direction , is  he ..looking at the laptop? noo ! noo!!! OH MY GOD. ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!  OHH LORD IS TESTING ME .  

He took his laptop and l sat on the bed, or I could say jumped on in , and I felt back gonna hurt tomorrow. yeeey. (note the sarcasm) . 

He's doing a fucking twitcam . I thought really? A TWITCAM ? at 3:11am?! Ohh come ooon. You better than this..

So he answered few questions, and talked to himself, nothing interesting . I soo bored. Like laterally , I'm dying here from boredom. 

After awhile I felt very tired, and sleepy, I thought I'm gonna die young, on the floor..under the bed..under my enemy's bed..between all these dusty things..


I felt something  touching me..or.more likely walking on me..not a person obviously..WHAT?! I turned around to see my arm, and I saw this massive and I mean Monstrous Spider walking on my arm. OHH MYY FUCKING GOOODD !!! I AM GONNA DIEEEE !!!!!!!!!! ARGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!GET OFF ME YOU LITTLE CREEEP !!!  I screamed in my head, and holding my hand on my mouth, cause I almost screamed out loud ..I started to shake that arm , and that spider fall off and run away. ..Oh my God..thank you for saving my terrible, spidery life. 

''Okay guys thanks for watching, now goodnight beautifuls'' - Jai said. Aww. 

What ?! He said Goodnight?! Is that means he's going to sleep right now? Am I seeing the light right now?  Is this is a dream? - All of my thoughts were going through my mind like crazy. 

Jai stood up and went to the bathroom . Again . I think he also needs to see Gynecologist aswell.

 My whole fucking body hurts, and I'm getting my ass out of here . Right Now .   

That's My chance ! I know I'm risking, but there's 0.0000........0.1 % he won't hear me..And I'm gonna take that chance. 

I quickly jumped out of that nightmare, and started to run silently, I opened the doors, came out of that hell and closed the door, and then I slide down the wall, thinking that I made it. I can't believe I'm free!!! 

I felt very tired, so I went to my room, changed into my pyjamas, and went to my bed, to get some rest . 


''AAAAAAAAAAAAAARRGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH'' Someone screamed, and that repeated for a few hours..but I stayed in bed, cause I was too lazy and tired to get up, so I thought I'm gonna have a nap, if I'll be able to fall asleep.

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