Chapter 22

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Chapter 22


With Bruce doing the scientific things, Tony hung around the room. Bruce would ask me a question while Tony would stand with his hand to his chin in a 'thinking' motion, but he would intensely burn a hole in my forehead as I stared back in confusion.

"How are you feeling?"

I replied with a simple,"alright." I didn't move my eyes to Bruce as he messed around with machines and wrote down something. Peter was silent as ever, which truly surprised me.

Tony's staring started to make me squirm in my spot after a minute or two. I'm not exactly liking him staring at me like that.

"How's you hands," Bruce questioned.

"Hands?" This time I moved my head to him, watching him freeze what he was doing and look at me.

"Yeah. Um, do you exactly remember what happened before you...uh, passed out?" I searched my mind, only to come out successful.

"That son of a bleep," I whispered.

"I will take that as a yes," Banner mumbled. Instead of staring right back at Tony, I looked at Peter, who also had his eyes on me.

"Oh, where's that one guy....?" Remembering that one guy with his booming voice. Bruce looked up from his clipboard and smiled at me.

"Well, you met Thor. He's kind of like a god of some sort," he said it like it was something he said on a regular daily basis.

I frowned at him in confusion as he returned back to his clipboard. "A god?"

Tony snorted,"yeah, do we have to say it more than once? A god of some sort, yes." I went to throw the blankets off of me and stomp over to Stark but Peter caught my sight and he shook his head.

I opened my mouth up to say something, but Bruce interrupted the upcoming argument. "Skyler, we've only heard the POV of Thor and Peter. We were left with a bunch of pieces out of the jigsaw puzzle, can you maybe tell your point of view?"

I let out a huge breath then started,"as you probably heard from Peter-"

"-no, no, NO!" We all snapped our heads in his direction, watching him frantically wave his hands for me to stop. "Um, how about I start it off for her. We were racing and I beat her, just to clarify that-." I rolled my eyes and interrupted his false starting.

"Sure you did, Peter. Anyways, we were racing to a in the woods we've been to a bunch of times. I arrived first, as Peter forgot he could really use his webs to swing past me. When I got there though, I wasn't exactly alone.

"It was my brother, Sam. It wasn't exactly a family reunion, I straight out attacked when I saw him and broke his fingers...-"

Tony, of coarse, injected a question,"do you guys look alike?" When he got glares, he added,"I'm just wondering!"

"Um, I'm just going to ignore that." They nodded so I moved on,"We fought a bit, that is until he used his powers against me. was darkness, just plain out darkness surrounding me then and I flat-out touched it-" I stopped suddenly.

I used my hand to touch my other index finger, remembering the pain on how it entered my skin. I shivered at the thought of it.

"And what? Skyler, what happened?" For once in my life I heard Tony speak in actual seriousness. I snapped my head up to stare him in the eyes and once I looked up, I saw more company. Everyone else, including that Thor guy must've snuck in here because they stood right in front of me, listening to me.

"I-it..I can't really explain it, but it entered in my index finger," I sucked in breath as I imagined the searing heat of pain when it happened.

"It entered your index finger?" The shock and disbelief didn't need to be blocked out of Clint's voice. I nodded, finding my voice long gone.

I rested my hand back, thinking. Going over what happened in my head, I added,"it didn't exit out of my body."

My eyes widened in fear and I lifted my head to look at them again, except this time it wasn't a calm look on my face.

"Guys, it's still in me."

A couple of hours later, with only Bruce and Stark in the medical room, they whispered to one another. Their quiet voices made me antsy, I tried listening in their conversations but I couldn't hear them.

Sitting there, I thumped my fingers against the sheets of the bed. Sighing, I grumbled under my breath.

"Okay," I slammed my fist down on the bed, a loud thump resulting from it. They turned to me, startled. "I want to know what is going on. You did a bunch of scientific things on me and I don't get the results? Nope, I want to know what you two are talking about."

Stark and Banner exchanged a look to each other and nodded from the unknown words they formed. Banner looked at me, his face showing a load full of hesitation.

"I-um, I wouldn't say it's exactly good news." I nodded, my hands gesturing for him to continue. Once again Banner glanced over to Stark then swallowed.

"You have a slim-uh, to none chance past this month." I did tell him what Sam said to me, but he had just confirmed of what I thought was a sick joke that my brother said to scare me.

"I'm sorry, Skyler. The 'darkness', as you said, is slowly taking over you and w-we so far don't have any clue on the 'cure'."

I really am dying.

D y i n g.

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