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It's been five days since mine and Mike's first web cam session and everyday I hope he asks me when we will again. But everyday my hope gets slimmer and slimmer. He has told me he had the best time in a long time with me so I shove my feelings aside knowing that but it still doesn't stop the fact I still wish to see his smile.

He hasn't bought up his family anymore after mentioning his dad and older brother, Vic. I did learn that him and his dad share the same name Victor, after seeing his name across his hand. Other than that he hasn't mentioned much anything else and it's starting to bug me. I'm super curious to know more and more about him, anything will help. I want to ask about his mom, past, future, and what's on his mind half the time. He's so intriguing and I can't help but want to know, but he's so shut off for those subjects it's getting a bit suspicious. I try to direct him to some conversations but he quickly changes the subject which I shouldn't be complaining. He makes me smile and laugh at the most random things. I should be happy with just that but a part of me is dying to know.


School this week has seemed to fly by and I'm starting to think it's because of Mike and him texting me through out the morning and night time. He starting to text me every morning as soon as I wake up and we'll talk from about 7 am till 2 pm. We take some time away from texting for a bit up until around 7 pm or so. Lately he's been texting me the whole day from the time he's awake from the time he's sleeping. I don't think I'm having a huge affect on him, but Juile thinks otherwise. I keep telling her, him and I are just Internet friends who can't be together. I laugh it off, but even we both know that I'm lying to myself.


Being that it's Friday, I'm planning on asking Juile to go out to eat with me since I've been feeling extra happy lately and I want to be able to go out and have fun. I know she'll like this and I hope I can take her to one of her favorite small places, Olive Garden. She's always asking to stop and eat there even after eating at another place. It seems as if she can't get enough of that.

I send her a text asking what she is doing tonight while I plug my headphones into my phone. Listening to A Day To Remember while waiting is one of the best things to do. It gets me hyped and makes me feel like I can do just about anything.

I play the song "Have faith in me" first and my phone buzzes. I ignroe it for a bit because my favorite part in the song is coming up, 

"I'm going crazy,

cause there are things in the streets I don't believe,

so we'll pretend it's alright and stay in for the night.

Oh what a world,

I'll keep you safe here with me."

After that, my phone buzzes again and I look down to notice I have two text messages. One from Juile and one from Mike. I look at Juile's first and she replied

"Nothing really, I'm just watching re runs of Dr. Who"

I move on to the next message from Mike and when I first glance at the message my heart skips a beat and I feel a smile creep on to my face,

"Want to cam with me tonight, love?"


I feet bad on my prior thoughts on taking out Juile tonight but with not seeing Mike since two weekends ago, is making me feel a bit uneasy and just a part of me wants to see him smile and laugh, knowing that, that beautiful noise he makes is from me. I caused that, and I want to be able to do that a lot more.

We plan on getting on cam in about an hour, while I get things set up and decide on what to wear. It's almost as if I'm going on a date, because I keep re-checking my hair making sure nothing isn't out of place. 

45 minutes have gone by and I'm walking back and worth across my room, wondering if I should just go ahead and text him I'm ready and waiting. I don't want to seem like I'm becoming clingy to him and I know he wouldn't ever think that but I really, just really want to see those eyes again. Most people don't find a liking to brown eyes and I haven't either but looking at Mike's, makes me feel as if brown is a rare form of color that only he has. 

I didn't know that I was thinking about him that long, but Mike just texted me saying he was ready to connect. I felt a piece of warmth in my heart as I read that, I felt as if already my night is made. I know by this, it will just get better. I know that all I need now is to see him, that I will be alright for the night.

I notice the little buffering symbol out beside my chat picture and before I know it, there he is.

He gives me the biggest smile and it melts my heart right off the back,

"Addison." He simply states with a hint of excitement.

"Oh hey, Mike." I give him the same response.

"How are you?" I ask him.

"Pretty crappy actually. Today just isn't going my way for nothing." He gives my a sympathetic smile.

Why? What is wrong with him?

"Are you... okay?"

"My mom. She isn't in the best of mood." My heart stops and I feel the blood rushing to my face.

His mom? What did she do? Did she hurt him? 

"Wanna, maybe... Talk to me about it?" I ask timidly and look off at anything but his eyes.

He goes quiet for a few minutes and takes a deep breath in that even I can hear,

"Well for starters, she was never there." he says and this time, I start to think to myself how I wish I was there with him to cuddle him and give him the comfort I know he's going to need.

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