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Roc's p.o.v

Heyeveryone I just got into an aurgement with mimi.

Do I regret what  happened… ..no I mean im Chresanto muthafuckin august. Women thr0w them selves at me everyday and I cant be tied down. So we fucked that doesnt mean were together so here's what happened.

Flash back to the aurgement… ..

Roc: Meah quit playing

meah: idk roc  im not sure ,I heard that u date mimi.

Meah, She is a Freshman in highschool. Straight A student. lightskinned. Long hair that flows right down to her waist. She bad, ill admit that. But, she is clever its gonna cost me an arm and a leg to get at her.

Meah: So do yall date.

Roc: ofcourse not, I've been busy trynna get at u.

Meah: blushing)  Ok but as long as there nothing goin on between u and mini.

Neither of them new that mimi was standing at the door.

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