Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

Yawn. God maths was boring. I checked the time. Thank god, almost time for the bell to go. Sure enough it went off a few moments later. I packed up and walked off to meet my friends. Michelle and Hannah were waiting for me outside Amy's classroom. While we were waiting we started to talk about my birthday next month.

"Come on, you have to have something planned. It's your sixteenth birthday."

"I know. It's just weird. When I was younger my parents planned a huge party for my sweet sixteen and it feels strange celebrating it differently."

That was when her teacher finally decided to let Amy out, successfully halting the conversation. I had talked too much and allowed myself to tell people about my life. I groaned quietly to myself. I was getting careless. We all went to the canteen, we sat at the table and soon enough Shannon, Kelly and Jessica sat down with us. I sighed inwardly. I liked Kelly and Jessica enough but I'd never really become friends with Shannon. We both disliked each other greatly but we didn't start anything with each other because we hung around the same friendship groups.

"Annabeth, hurry up." Jessica told me.

I rolled my eyes at her and finished my piece of pizza. I then got up to leave with Kelly, Hannah and Amy. We walked out of the canteen just as the bell rang. I groaned, great, my next lesson was Science. I bumped into another friend, Chloe, on my way up to the classroom. We talked about the journey of the bus to school. Somebody had got hit in the face with a spit ball and started bawling. It had been hilarious. The guy was a complete jerk and he made loads of people's lives hell. He'd finally made to many enemies and his friends dropped him. He would be in a different friendship group by the end of the month and hopefully have learned his lesson, but that was unlikely that he would have. The teacher let us in and we sat down and got our books out.

Twenty minutes into our lesson I glanced up. Somebody had come into our lesson. He said that he needed to take some people out of our class. He read out a list of names and I was startled as I heard him read mine out as the sixth. I cursed under my breath and wondered what I had done now. I may not have been a troublemaker but I was far from being a star student. I walked out with the rest of the people and as I walked down the stairs I saw the others. I recognised them immediately. I laughed under my breath, so they had found me. I briefly thought about running but knew it wouldn't help. They had come here for a round up and wouldn't leave shorthanded. We walked around to a few more classrooms to get more students. Most of them were in my year, four were in the year above, and two were in year 7. They looked terrified. They had only been at this school for a few weeks. I grimaced. I looked at one of our captors, "How many are you taking?" I asked. He glanced at me, not recognising me, and replied "That's none of your business." I winked at him, I then saw the flash of recognition in his eyes. He smiled "I was told we would be picking you up. You really did do a great job of hiding and staying unrecognisable. Even I didn't see it was you. Don't worry, there's only one more stop."

"Is my brother here?" I asked, nervously.

He shook his head and I breathed a sigh of relief. He looked forwards and realised we were about to get to our last classroom. I nodded towards him and he left to go get the last batch of people. I saw one of the people he brought back and nearly stopped dead. It was Jake, a close friend of mine. He had been crushing on me for over a year and had we dated on and off. I had never really been in love with him though, my heart has always belonged to somebody else. I think he always believed that there was somebody else, but he always hoped to change my mind and never gave up. Throughout all of this we had always stayed very close, I had never told him my secret though. I could never tell anyone, it didn't matter so much now but I knew it would sting that I had kept something this big from him. It was a monstrosity of a secret, I could only hope that he would forgive me. We got outside and everyone began to get confused, until then they had just assumed they were about they were about to get a massive telling off or something. They confusion grew rapidly as the limos pulled up but nobody complained as they got in, five per car, eight cars. I was put in a car with two people I didn't know and as a trick of fate Jake and Shannon were also put into my car. I would have laughed in any other situation as the reason she and I disliked one another was because she has had the biggest crush on Jake for the majority of her life since they met in kindergarten. He had started to date her yesterday when she asked him out but had come up to me immediately and said he would break it off if i wanted him to. I had said no and now he dated her so as not to hurt her, feelings and make her hate me more. He asked me if I knew what was going on. When I didn't reply, he realised I knew something. He kept bugging me until I told him that I would tell him when we arrived. As usual there were two of our captors, officially called guardians, in our limo. They raised an eyebrow at me for my answer and I glared back.

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