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"Or else what?" I dared back. Aint no n*gga gonna talk to me any kind of way. I already put up with Devon acting like a little ass sometimes, so another one talking smack isn't gonna get no where.

Aas quick as lightning I found myself pinned to the bed. He gripped my shoulders with mass force, and a small squeak errupted from my parted lips. Damn this dude got hella strength. He was on top of me then, his warm minty breath was on the base of my throat.

In a strange way I felt turned on by this situation. It aint my fault, Devon and I haven't done it in awhile. I don't know what was up with him but a girl can only dream. I cursed myself for hating the way my body reacted. My chest rose up and down as he gripped my arms. A sharp pain was hittin my arms.

"If you didn't know now girl, you gon learn today." He snapepd. He reached for something out of his pocket. A short edgy type pocket knife.

My eyes widened at the thought of being stabbed.

He licked his lips at my facial expresison. I guess me being in this position, and in pain turned him off. He was sick for real. He traced the knife against my throat lightly. I closed my eyes, praying that he would jut get off me and leave me alone.

"Listen closely." He muttered against my neck, "you do what I say and you don't have to get hurt like your pa-" He added but then cut off in the middle of his sentence.

The last bit made me open my eyes. What was he gonna say after that, and why did he stop talking? I shivered at the thought and nodded my head softly.

Lord knows I don't like giving up easily to no fuckin body, but I guess this was gonna have to do for now. He smiled as he dug the blade into my neck softly, and I swore. I felt a thin line of blood escape from the small cut and began to struggle underneath him.

A small tear fell down my cheek and the guy leaned over to kiss it away. I almost threw up, by the weird gesture. He got up off of me.

"Be ready in thirty minutes." He says simply setting the knife into his pocket.

"And let that little 'foreplay' be a reminder to you, to not to do anything stupid." He called after his shoulder.

That was the last thing I heard before, he slammed the door behind him.

I stood there laying down for a brief second. I was so in shock from everything that had happened, I had almost forgot that his words still echoed in my brain. I couldn't get over the fact that he had mentioned something. A slip up on his part,but i wasn't gonna dwell on it.

"That bastard." I muttered saltly. He had the nerve to put his hands on me. Ooh I swear if Devon had found out it was gonna be trouble for real. In a crazy way I was glad I was kidnapped, because Devon and them would know i was only because of the fact of this was simmilar to how Trisha got kidnapped--so I think.

Plus I had my phone on me, so whereve rhe ditched my phone act, they could track it to at least halfway here.

I took in a small irritated breath as I tried to collect my thoughts. As soon as I was done, cleaning myself up I made a pact to myself that I would escape this hell hole. In fact, this just gave me a thought. I glanced around in the room I was in. I had to admit it didn't look like the hell hole, title I had given it.

In fact, it looked like more of where Jesus would spend his time. The ceiling had to be nearly double the size of my house at home, and that was saying somethin. The walls were covered in gold, andthe floorboards were brown and wood.

Probably oak, but anyway there were a lot of paintings in different spot alognside the walls. The bed I was on, was a king sized bed and had a red duvet color to match; with constrasting with the golden walls. It had four pillars on the bed, and a headboard to die for.

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