Chapter - THREE

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Hey guys here's the third chapter for you. Excuse me for any errors you mistakes you may see. Keep in mind that some things, in the first book may reappear. Keep an eye on in the first book, how Maya had flashbacks. Some things may be surprising as we go along.

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One more thing, this is dedicated to @SummerSurfs for making this book cover. She done a lot for me, thank you girl.

- Idenity


[Maya Pov]

My ribs hurt as if I was thrown somewhere in the back of a trunk. I could barely see, because of the blindfold that was wrapped around my eyes. I was scare dof course but couldn't let these hooligans know that I was scared. I tried screaming but it was useless, it was all muffled.

That strange eerie feeling of someone watching me had came back to haunt me. I knew I should have paid attention to whatever it was, and then maybe I wouldn't be in this damn mess. I closed my eyes trying to block out everything.

This was like a nightmare. When Trisha got kidnapped did she get kidnapped like this? Did they hurt her? Did they rape her?

Oh god. I really don't want to die today. I really don't.

All I know is, Devon better hurry up and find me before I become way too far away. Cause aint nobody got time for whatever the hell, these people want with me.

I must've dozed off because next thing I knew I was being dragged from the trunk. Large hands wrapepd around my waist roughly, and I was thrown over his or her shoulders. I think it was a man, because of the distinct Tom Ford colonge.

I was shaking a little but I doubt the person who took me, could feel it. I heard a few voices and swallowed thickly. Soon I heard a door open, and footsteps. I was thrown onto something soft. The person unwrapped the blindfold and tucked it in his pocket.

I blinked my eyes rapidly, trying to get use to the light. I take in a deep breath and glare at the man who captured me. I was surprised though, but held it well concealed. He was tall and nearly Devon's height. He was light skinned, with a neat fade. He was sporting a pair of versace pants, versace shirt a gold rolex watch, a pair of Jordan's and a gold chain hung around his neck.

He had a nice set of lips, if anything. I felt myself sneering at him, "What the fuck are you looking at? Get me out of here!" I shout.

He rose his eyebrow as if he found this all amusing. "I'm surprise you don't regonize me." The man said in a grave voice.

I shook my head confused on what the hell he was talking about. I wanted to take a shower, and then ditch his loco ass. I just wanted to ball up and cry, because all of this stress was gonna do something for me. And I swear if I don't pass second semester with good grades, Duke was gonna kick me out.

"I don't get it." I say pressing my lips together. I probably looked a hot mess. "why did you kidnapped me?"

"You'll figure that out in due time." He says with a smirk.

"Now go get ready, you look like shit." He added on.

What if this was Nick? I mean Mecca did describe him for me, and I kinda did forget how he looked. My stomach clenched, well whatever he did to Trisha to make her kill herself couldn't be good. I would have to look for away to get out of here.

"Am I the only one here?" I asked.

He stepped closer to me, and I felt myself shrinking backwards like a scaredy cat. "Yo listen ma. You speak when spoken to. Now get that ass in the shower, or else."

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