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I walk towards the door of the garage. as slow as possible, to extent the time I have left, without those sexists.

unfortunately I'm now right in front of the door.

And as I open it, I begin to hear a fight not those where they throw punches, nope just purely screaming.

"How can you hire her Simon." I hear one of the younger lads shout.

"Why not Liam, you haven't seen what she's able to, she will be able to protect you guys." I hear the older man, named Simon say as a response to Liam.

"well because one she's so young, it will ruin her life. 2. come on uncle Si she's just a little girl." I hear one of the other boys say, as I round the corner.

"1. it won't ruin my life, I've had worse. 2. I'm. not. just. a. little. girl." I say to all five of the lads, starting to get angry.

they're in danger and I'm here to help, if they don't want my help fine by me, let's see how long it will take till they die.

"which car is yours?" I ask no one in particular. one of the lads points to a black van.

this guy has blonde hair with brown roots, a beautiful blue eyes, the ones you get stuck in you know.

I nod and walk towards it to put one of my bag in the trunk.

I then walk towards my own car. I've got an matte black Ferrari 599 GTO.

"Where are you..." curly begins to ask, before I turn around and glare at him.

"I've got my own car to drive, I'm gonna need some transportation of my own." I say turning around and continue to walk towards my baby.

"and which car might that be, there are a lot of cars here, wait of course sorry forgot you're a girl. girls don't know a thing about cars. just point sweetheart.

"call me sweetheart again, and there will be nothing to protect." I say shooting the black haired guy a glare.

"anyways, that one is mine." I say pointing to my baby.

I still see the boys looking confused

"I'm sorry which one." curly asks. which I giggle to.

"the matte black Ferrari 599 GTO." I say taking a few steps before I get interrupted again.

"can I... can I... uhm you know... uhm..." I turn around looking towards curly.

"just ask the question already." I say beginning to get annoyed.

"canIdrivewithyou?" he asks really quick, looking to the ground. I look towards the two older men, who both nod.

"yeah sure, why not. can I get the address, I like to ride in my own tempo." I say once again to the older men.

"sure it's ***" he says handing me a piece of paper "that's my number if you need it." he's says, I nod and sign towards curly that I'm going to leave.

"thanks mr. Cowell and mr. Higgins." I say before really walking towards my baby.

"sooo... What's your name?" I ask curly.

"oh my name is Harry, Harry Styles, and yours?" he asks while we get to my baby.

"My name is Raquelle, but call me Rocky." I say flashing him a smile.

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