Chapter Zwölf • 12: Memory.

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"You're not keeping that baby, Zelma," the man, who was her father sternly spoke to her.

"But father I can't kill the baby! That's murder!" Zelma pleaded to her father.

"You won't kill it, I just will not allow you or it in my house. You know exactly what the ancient writings say and you deliberately disobeyed them!"

"But father pl-"

"Enough! I want you out of my house!" her father bellowed.

"Thomas calm yourself! You'll have high blood pressure tonight and won't be able to sleep. Zelma, just go," Zelma's mother who was much calmer than the father said to her child.

"Butch are you taking up for that disgusting child?! I can't even call her my child anymore! She disobeyed us and our ancestors! Don't tell me to calm down, Butch!" the husband yanked his arm out his wife's grip.

Butch, also known as Patricia, shooed her daughter out of the house behind her husband's back. She was indeed angry with her child as well, but she had a better way of going about it. Zelma was in tears and felt disgusting her ownself. She never knew that she would have to deal with something like this in her life. Her long jet black hair that stopped at her waist cover her salty tears that were running down her face. Rubbing her eyes, she quickly dried them and took one last look at her father and mother. Thomas, his red-undertoned skin, high cheekbones, and his long jet black hair that was pulled back into a ponytail. Going along with that were his brown eyes that came to a slight slant that were once very soft and loving, but now had the enragement of a furious lion. Her mother, who's face was much softer. Her light brown-red skin that once glowed looked dull and worn. Her long hair that came way pass her waist was in a braid that was coming a loose. Her brown eyes showed sorrow and disappointment in them.

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