What Happened?

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I woke up feeling sick. But, believe me it's probably not what you think.

The reason I'm so green today and woke up in my pjs in a hotel?

It all started last night when I decided it was a good idea to leave the house with my bags and crash in a hotel.

I can't barley move, but enough about me and this massive hangover. I broke up with him. It all started coming back to me.

I'm stuck in a crappy hotel, and now I only have twenty dollars, no extra clothes and no phone charger.

My phone started ringing and I couldn't find it. Just follow the music. Where the fudge is it? NOO! Oh here it is. Real smooth talking to yourself.

I looked down and the caller ID said it was my mom. I sighed and picked up the phone knowing I'll regret it later.

(M:mom J:Jessie)

M: Hey Jess what are you doing?

J: Oh nothing just here. What's up?

M: I just wanted to know how you were doing. How is your boyfriend sweetie?

J: Um we broke up?


J: we broke up.

M: your coming home now!

J: No mom come on, please let me stay.

M: I'll see you tomorrow

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