Lousy Day... So Far

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So the first day was kind of good.  I get to decorate my room the way I want.  And no more "this looks cute, honey" from my mom.  No; this year I will be a young adult. No more kiddish crap just cluttering my life.  This is my year and it will be slightly less thatn perfect.  I will make this work.

"OK, so... I layed out a couple of magazines that you can pick things out from."  my mom said so lamely.

"Mom, Why don't we just go to the store and pick out some cute things and I can make the fabric materials out of pretty cloth I choose.  I know how to make my own things."

"Yes, but wouldn't you like some expensive things this year?  You've always just had things from when you were a kid that get old and they were homemade then too."

"I'm going to the store to buy a few things to plan this out.  Need anything?"

"Just some things for the house.  Here, I'll give you the list."  I followed her to the kitchen where she gave me a scribble list of a hammer, a wrench,  and a buch of other things I can barely make out.

"I'm off to conquer the world with lettuce."

"Don't forget to wear your helmet!" she shouted fromt the kitchen window to the garage.

"Mom, it'll take forever to find.  I'll look when I get back."

I was already down the drive way when she shouted, "Be safe!"


I got to the minimart.  It was mini and crowded with little local brand products.  I turn the corner to a front desk.  Sitting there, a girl in a varsity jacket and high waisted shorts with headphones on.  The music was too loud that you could hear it from across the aisle and was some sort of death metal.

"Hi, could you tell me where I could find fabric?"  She didn't look up.  I said it again like 3 times.  "Excuse me, where's the fabric?"  She still didn't look up.

I reached over the counter and pulled off her headphones and screamed in her ear.  "Yo!  Fabric!  Location!"

"What's your problem?" she said not waiting for a response before pulling her headphones on again.

"I'll find it myself, thank you very much." I said under my breath.

I wandered the building and came upon a corner where there's was so much fabric just tossed on a heap is was practically leaning over and touching the other aisle.  There was striped fabric, polkadot, floral, splattered, plain, and just out of category rags.  I decided on a striped linen fabric for the drapes and animal print for the throw pillows.


When I got to my street, I noticed that the neighbors were having a cook out in their back yard.  Mmmmm.  I could smell the barbeque and the lemonade.

"Hurry, get inside!" my mom yelled.

I rushed inside.  She disappeared.  "Mom, where are you?"

"Come up to my room and get ready."

I climb up the stairs and into my room.  I drop the bags next to my box of books and walk into my moms room.

"Where's your green dress? Oh oh oh, and your good eyeliner?"

"Got a hot date, mom?"

"No, we are invited to a dinner at the Walton's house.  Your father and I met them at the airport.  They want to have a nice dinner and I want you to look appropriate.  Now go change."

Oh boy, this is it, I get to go meet some new friends.  I hope they have a daughter my age.  That would be great.  But they have to accept me for who I am, I'm not dressing up.

"Mom, I think I'm good for a dinner in my t-shirt, skirt, and boots."

"Nonsense, these people are people we have to impress."  Ugh.  Code for "rich people."  She contiued, "And they have a son your age."

"Oh... my god.  Mother, are you trying to set me up?"

"No, but it would be good to have a male friend when the school year starts and..." she paused. "...if there's something more, I'm sure your father would approve since he's from a respectable family." she said not looking me in the eye.

"Fine, I'll go change but don't expect me to flirt."  I said.  "Oh!" I called from the hallway walking towards my room, "and I'm picking out the shoes.  OK, be out in a minute."

I get in the car and the first words out of my mom's mouth are: "You're seriously wearing that?"



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