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Looking up with my red tear stained eyes I'm face to face with Beau.

"Daisy's such a bitch!" I cry.

"I know, I know." He rubs my back soothingly taking a seat next to me.

"Why did everyone stick up for her?" I sob as he places his arm around my shoulders and pulls me into his chest.

"No one stuck up for her, trust me... Their just pretending to shut her up."

Looking up he puts his hand on my cheek and uses his thumb to swipe a tear from under my eye.

I stifle a laugh "Haha I'm a mess!"

"You still look beautiful..." he whispers more to himself than to me, I blush.

"I think maybe we should go back in."

As we walk back in I see Sophie sitting with Daisy comforting her as everyone else has annoyed looks on their faces.

"Ew she's back." I hear Daisy.

"Why did you be so horrible to Daisy!?" Sophie confronts me.

"Fuck off Soph..im not in the mood." I've never been rude to Sophie but she's really pushing my patience now "ready to go now?" I ask the boys and Sasha.

"Yep let's go" they all chorus, standing up and leaving Daisy and Sophie sitting there.

"Wait! we can't leave Daisy and Sophie!" Daniel shouts as we begin to walk and we all sigh. Especially me.

"Great!" Daisy claps her hands together as her and Soph walk with Skip while the rest of us walk ahead.

Luke grabs my hand and intertwines our fingers before whispering "just ignore her, shell get more upset if we all ignore her."

Soon enough we arrive at the train station all hopping on the tube. It's not that busy which can only mean one thing- awkward train situations in London!

"Babe, get your camera out!" Beau yells to me, I do as he says and get the camera up on my phone and begin filming him. He holds onto the over head bars and hoists himself up and brings his feet up so he's hanging on all fours, once he's all balanced he calls out "Skip! come here you sexy cunt!" and Skip starts humping him from behind- I don't know how I can describe this scene playing out in front of me but it looked like doggy style upside down. A man around his late 40s gave the boys a disgusted look and muttered a "fucking kids these days, ridiculous!" which causes me to laugh- seems I'm the only one that heard it.

"Ay Dani give me your phone a sec!" Jai calls and I give him my phone with it still on record. Jai points the camera at me and does some weird thing with his eyes which I return to with a confused look... but it's all made clear of what that look was for when Daniel, Beau, Luke and James all pile onto me!

"Fuck outta here you fatties!" I yell. It's clear the whole carriage is staring at us by now but we couldn't care less.

"I swear to god get the fuck off me! I think I've broken a friggin rib!" I shout again, louder this time, but my cry is drowned out by their laughter. I swear I can see the germs on this floor crawling towards me and it's making me want to vomit! Yeah yeah I'm a germaphobe when it comes to public transport! I have no problem eating a skittle off the floor at home but on public transports I can barely hold the handles without feeling nauseous.

"Guys I'm gonna vomit!" I gag, trying to hold back the fry up I ate only an hour ago. Oh god they think I'm joking. I gag again and I hear Daniel yell "guys get off she's gonna spew!" and after that they all evacuate off me just in time for my breakfast to come up, all over the floor- nice.

The group choruses an 'ewwww' but James comes over and rubs my back soothingly and asks "are you okay?"

"I'm fine! I just couldn't handle being on that floor with you pigs on top of me!"

"Dirty pigs?" Beau laughs. (Sorry i had to do it!) Oh god that boy is not funny. I give an awkward fake laugh.

"What am I supposed to do about this-" I motion to the vomit "I can't just leave it there!"

The speaker sounds throughout the carriage "next stop Waterloo."

"Uhm, come here!" Jai yells grabbing my wrist and pulling me off the train at the correct stop before I can object.

"Jai! Where's the others?" I ask but he puts his finger over my mouth, whispering "shhh".

What is this boy doing?

I can hear the group coming closer, then I hear Daisy's obnoxious voice "Why are you looking for her, why don't we just leave her!?" god I forgot she was even here until now! Clearly the 'her' she's talking about is me.

"Because she's our friend, if anyone should be left it's you..." Luke sasses. I can't see them but I can 100% tell it's him being sassy. I can faintly hear Daisy and Sophie snigger and Sasha laugh causing me to giggle a bit.

"Jai why are we hiding?" I whisper.

"We're gonna scare them okay?"


"3...2...1.." We both jump out and simultaneously scream causing Skip to run away screaming and the rest to jump out of there skins!

"Yeah, real mature!" Daisy bitches, crossing her arms across her chest and rolling her eyes.

"Well if you couldn't tell hunny, we are anything BUT mature!" Luke sasses again, copying her pose. I can tell he's loosing his temper with her and I'm gonna be waiting here with popcorn when he snaps. All of us except of Sophie, Daisy and Luke sing an "oooooooh burn".

We all walk out of the station and I can see Big Ben right infront of us!

"Oi Dani! Take a picture of me with Big Ben!" Beau begs, holding his phone out to me.

"Fine.." I sigh, snatching the phone out of his hand.

"Make it look like I'm holding it up!" Beau does the cliché pose where it looks like he's holding it up and I snap a few pictures, next thing I know Jai has hopped in front of Beau and copies his pose... now it looks like their pushing it towards each other.

"Here you go." I sing, handing Beau his phone back.


Turning around to face the river, I see the London Eye.

"Guys look!" My eyes light up as I motion for the boys to look at the huge wheel.

"Holy shit! Let's go!" Skip sing songs as he runs across the bridge, earning a laugh from me and an overly fake one from Daisy. She makes me feel sick.

"WAIT UP SKIPPY!" Daisy yells, running across the bridge making sure her boobs bounce everywhere. Ew.

"She's so gross..." Luke grimaces.

"I know right." Jai adds.

"Is Daniel blind? How can he chase after that when we have this-" Beau motions to Sasha and I "right in front of us?"

"Exactly.." James chimes in.

I think they think we can't hear them, but we can; and to be honest I'm fighting a blush from creepy onto my cheeks.

Next thing I know, a hand slips onto the small of my back- causing me to scream, literally.

"Woah! calm down it's only me!" Beau chuckles.

"Shit! Don't do that you cunt!"

We all begin walking across the bridge, all of our arms are linked; don't ask how we manage to fit along the side walk. Sophie's tagging along at the back considering her bestie has ran off with Daniel.

A/N- I know this is shitty! I don't wanna abandon the story but I kinda have no motivation to write this... Vote/ comment what you think, TY ily x

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