Chapter 41

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Jessica's POV


Bella, Nikki and Jenna run around the entire suite looking at all the cool accommodations. I feel two arms wrap around my waist. She says "So? Do you like it?"

"Like it? I love it! Demi how big is this place?!"

She laughs and says "There's 3 bedrooms, one bathroom, a kitchen and living room area"

"Jeez this is bigger than my apartment!" I laugh. "It's perfect baby, thank you". She smiles and says "Hey, I'd give you anything"

"But you never will, because I don't want you to do that"

"But what if I wanna spoil princess once in a while?"

I say "You have Jenna and Bella to spoil baby, stop"

"I also have my gorgeous girlfriend to spoil. And it's my money. So if I wanna get you something nice I will."

"Well maybe I won't accept it then." I say jokingly arguing back with her.

"Ya know what, lets just wait till tomorrow night to talk about this, okay?" She says.

"Fine, but tomorrow is my night to spoil you. So don't try to reverse it."

"Oooookay I won't" she smirks.

"I'm serious Demetria!"

She laughs "Okay Jessica! I promise I won't do anything"

I smile and peck her lips right before the girls come running out and say "Can we go swimming?!"

Demi says "Um duh! Go get your suits on, come on princess we'll go get yours"

She grabs Jenna's hand and walks into one of the bedrooms. I follow, and I'm guessing this one is mine and Demi's because my suitcase is in here too. I get one of my bikinis out of my suitcase and go into the bathroom to change. Once I get it on I walk out for Demi to tie it. "Babe can you tie my top for me please?"

"Yea come here"

I walk over and I can't help but stare. She's wearing a hot pink bikini and her body looks amazing. She snaps her fingers Infront of my face. and says "My eyes are up here you perv"

I feel my cheeks heat up and I then around for her to tie it. She slaps my bottom and says "You're good".

I turn back around and say "Thank you, and I'm sorry for staring; you just look so beautiful."

She smiles and says "thank you, So do you baby." She runs her fingers down my stomach. And not to brag, but yes; I do have abs💁. What can I say? I'm always at the gym. I giggle and hear the girls yell "Are you ready yet?!"

Demi shouts "Two minutes!"

"Why two minutes? We're ready"

"I need to do something first..."

She wraps her arms around my waist and pulls me closer so our bodies are touching. I smile and wrap my arms around her neck. She bites her lip and looks down from my eyes to my lips and slowly starts to lean in. I meet her halfway and it's instantly intense. She gives herself an entrance and I soon feel our tongues meet. I tangle my hands through her thick blonde hair as she runs her hands up and down my waist, pulling my closer and closer.

She goes down my jawline to my neck and collarbone, causing me to slightly moan. "Mmmm D-Demi"

I feel her smirk as she comes back up and kisses my lips again. She pulls away and says "Thats a little preview for tomorrow tonight"

I bite my lip and say "I can't wait".

She giggles and says "you better get that lipstick off before someone comes in"

I look in the mirror and there's pink lipstick all over my lips and neck. I laugh and wipe it off. I look back at her and say "And you should probably fix your hair"

She stands next to me in the mirror and throws her hair up in a messy bun. I laugh and lean closer into the mirror and run my fingers over my lips. "Demi. My lips are seriously swollen from two minutes of freaking making out"

She laughs her adorably loud laugh and says "Sorry not my fault"

I roll my eyes and say "Lets go before they think something's going on"

We walk out with two towels and Demi says "Sorry we couldn't find where we put our towels."

Rissa raises an eyebrow and laughs. I feel my cheeks get red and start walking to the door.

We all walk out and start walking to the elevator. But demi, from behind us says "Wait guys, not that way"

"Babe the pools on the ground level..."

She smirks and says "Just come this way"

The girls run over to her in their cute little bikinis. She opens a door that has a flight of stairs that leads to another door. All the girls run through the door and scream "Oh my gosh! This is awesome!"

I walk out and were on the rooftop with a huge pool that has a mini waterside and diving board with a hot tub and a bunch of lounge chairs.

My mouth drops and I look back at Demi who has a huge smile on her face. "How did you get this?" I ask.

She says "Sometimes being Demi Lovato gets you a few things"

I laugh and shake my head. We all put our stuff down and right before Nikki and Bella jump in and yell "Wait!"

They turn around and say "What?!"

"Sunscreen first"

They roll their eyes and walk over to me. I squeeze the lotion on my hands and make sure I get it all over all three girls. I then say "Okay go ahead"

Bella and Nikki run in right away. Demi walks with Jenna over to the stairs since Jenna's still not a great swimmer. They start splashing around in the shallow end. I sit there and smile at this picture. It's so perfect.

Marissa sits next to me and says "You know you're my favorite"

I ask "what do you mean?"

"Out of all the assholes and sluts demi has been with, you're the only one I genuinely like."

I laugh and say "Well thanks, I think."

She laughs and says "don't worry I don't think you're a slut. You treat demi so well and the same with the girls. I really hope you're here for good."

I smile and say "Thanks Riss, it really means alot. And me too"

She nods and says "No problem, you ever need anything or need help with Nikki, I'm here"


She smiles and I say "Wanna go in?"

"Race ya?"

I smirk and stand up. "Ready?" She asks.

I yell "go!" Before sprinting and jumping into the cold clear water.


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