Broken Back, Broken Heart

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When we got home, Missy was acting strange. She was acting like I had before the baby bruised my stomach. She went to bed early and Lane sent a doctor to check on her.

  I stayed with Pippa in her room, which was gorgeous. She had everything she could ever need or want. We made a pallet on the floor and watched movies off of her TV.

  Pip and I were sing along to Frozen when Lane came in. His face was blank and he motioned to me.

  "Come on Jess, you too Pippa." he said, pulling Pippa into his arms. He led us towards Missy's room and I heard a scream. I opened the door and gasped. Missy had her top off, just a bra on, revealing her black belly.

  "He gave her an ultrasound. She has quadruplets and it seems like all of them are boys." Lane whispered.

  "Why do you need me?" I asked softly.

  "She asked for you." He answered. I crept to her bedside and rested my cold hands on her stomach. Her head spun around and she relaxed a little.

  "Don't eat the strawberries. They'll kill you. That's what they want." she whispered in my ear. I nodded, not understanding. Her hands moved mine over her stomach, which seemed to relieve her pain.

  Jason, the guard that watched me in Alaska, ran in. He stood by her side and held on of her hands. Missy sent him a warming smile before one of her screams rung out. A long, loud crack filled the room before she went quiet and still.

  Blood ran over the sides of her mouth. Jason's eyes widened and he started to cry. Lane walked over and rubbed his back.

  "Her back broke." I whispered softly. One of the other guards came in and draped a white sheet over her body. They didn't even try to save the babies, maybe because they knew they wouldn't make it either way.

  Pippa and I both went up to our rooms in silence and as I fell asleep, I wondered what she meant about the strawberries.

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