Taken by *One direction*

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Me and my mates have been watching faith for a while now, she has soft looking tan skin and bright red firey hair. She is very small and slim, she has perfect curves and I want her to my self. But of course I told the boys she was ours. So this is our plan,she has been threw a lot her mother died last week because she was chocked to death by her husband. So Faiths dad has been torching her forever, so we are going to call the cops.They will take him to jail then we will say that faith is our cousin and we have room in our house for her, only me,zayn and Liam want her. Nial and Louis know nothing about it. It will be a suprize! I just called the cops and now I'm waiting

................................................................"Hi, Faith is our cousin and we wouldn't mind having her live with us."Liam said

Me and zany shock out heads yes

"um ok ,she will have to go to her fathers trial next week though so he will go to jail"says the lady

"Ok!" we scream with joy

We walk into a room and I see faith with a tear stained face.she looks up with scared eyes

I grab her hand and drag her to the car, she screams and fights with us but ends up wearing herself out.


He threw me into the car and went to the drivers seat "watch the girl"he said

Two guys sat next to me so I could not get out.the one on my left said"my names zayn and that's Harry ." he pointed to the one on my right.

Harry rest his hand on my thigh and

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