Chapter One

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Narrators POV

"You're such a faggot! Just kill yourself" Chris, Harry's biggest bully, said as he threw some punches against Harry's rip cage, causing Harry to collapse on the floor. Another boy, Jaimy, began kicking Harry's legs.

"Please s-stop" Harry cried out while trying his hardest to cover his body. He tried to hide his face in his arms as he pulled his legs to his chest. Though it didn't really help much.

Harry wanted to give up. He wanted to end this. End his life. He wanted to make the wish of his bullies come true. Why did people have to be so rude? Why did people have to pick on him? Well, Harry already knew the answer to that. He was gay.

Harry came out as openly gay around the age of fourteen. It was then he figured the whole thing out. He had never had an interest in girls like his classmates did. First, Harry came out to his mom and Gemma. They were now the only persons he had. Gemma was Harry's older sister, but she was hardly ever around. She moved to Doncaster to attend collage there, so now it's just Harry and his mom. Once Harry came out at school, he had expected there to be people who would support him, or at least the people he used to call 'his friends'. Turned out none of them did and everybody turned their back at him. Harry was left alone and hated by everyone. Left to regularly be beaten up and insulted. To feel useless and called a disease. All that, just because he had found his sexuality.

"You don't belong here" Chris spat. He kicked Harry one more time before he walked away. Jaimy followed him after he scolded at Harry once more.

Harry was left alone, lying on the cold Cheshire street. His whole body hurt, but at this point it felt good. He liked the pain all over his body, because it took his mind off the pain he felt inside. It was enough and Harry had made his decision. He was going to end his life.


Harry rested his aching body on the cold and wet street for a few more minutes. Then he tried to get up. He grabbed his bag from the ground and started to walk home.

Once he reached his familiar dark blueish front door, he burst out crying. With trembling fingers he tried to put the key in the keyhole. A little while later, the door opened and Harry slowly walked inside. Just like everyday he put his bag in the corner of the hall, before walking into the living room. When he got there, he discovered a little note on the saloon table. It was from his mom, telling him she was out to get some stuff and afterwards meet her friends. She would be back before dinner.

Tears were still rolling down his cheeks as he crumpled the note and threw it away. Harry slowly made his way upstairs. Everything he did was hazy and he wasn't sure about his own actions anymore.

Harry let himself collapse on his bed and stared at the ceiling for a little while. Then he sat up and grabbed something out of his night stand. He made his way over to the bathroom and turned on the light. He sat himself down on top of the closed toilet lid. For a while he stared at the bottle of pills he took from his nightstand. He sighed and got up to grab another bottle of pills out of the bathroom cabinet.

He mixed the pills together and put about twenty in his hand. Big tears formed in his eyes again, but he blinked them away. He was so tired of it all. Even tough he was openly gay, he knew there wouldn't be a guy that would actually like him back anyway. He would never meet someone besides his mom to love him. How could he be loved anyway? He was a waste of air. Harry was tired of the bruises he got every single day. But not only the bruises he got on the outside, he got them on the inside too. And those hurt him even more. Harry was tired of trying. He was just done.

He mentally thanked his mom for being so lovely before he put all the pills in his mouth. He swallowed them with a little water and then sank to his knees.

Harry sat on the bathroom floor. His knees were pulled up to his chest and his head rested against the wall. He began sobbing again as his vision became blurry caused by his tears. The pain inside of him slowly seemed to vanish, though. He closed his eyes, concentrating on the pain, as he waited for death to take him.

And just before everything went black, he heard keys fumble and the front door open. "Harry, are you home yet? I'm back early" he heard his mom cheer. But her footsteps on the stairs were the last things he heard, before everything went fully black...


It was the sound of beeping that woke Harry up. Also, the sound of his mother crying by his bed. The sound of the doctors talking to his mother saying things like 'we don't know if he will make it', because all the tablets he took, caused to spread chemicals into his veins.

With every attempt, Harry tried his hardest to open his eyes or even make a sound, but he couldn't. Nothing came out. He felt like he was paralyzed. Harry didn't want it to be like this. He wanted to be dead, gone. He once again tried his hardest to at least move a darn finger. But failed. He just stopped trying and waited, either to be gone, dead, or to be woken up and able to move.

Harry slowly fell asleep to the beeping and crying noises.


Anne called Gemma as soon as she could. She told Gemma everything and how she wanted her down here just in case Harry will not make it. Harry had very low chances and the doctors told Anne to be prepared. They also told them to get all his family around to come and at least say goodbye. It was then, Anne broke down. Harry was her only little boy. Besides Gemma, Harry was her angel and her gold.

After about two days later, Harry was still in ICU. Still no signs. Chances still low...

"Mom", Gemma rushed through the door and stopped next to her mother. That's when Gemma let everything go. She sank to her knees as she brought her hands up to her mouth. Tears streamed down her face. It ached her heart to see her brother lay there, lifeless. "Ha-Harry" Gemma sobbed even harder, finding it hard to breath in the air around her.

"Gemma", Anne knelt down trying her hardest to calm Gemma down, but nothing was working. Harry heard all of this while he just laid there, unconscious. He could hear everything, he just couldn't move or make a sign of him being awake.

Gemma and Harry were the close type of siblings. Harry used to tell her everything, but ever since she moved to Doncaster and all the bullying started, he stopped. He didn't want his sister to feel bad or be upset for him. He told no one.

"Gemma, please calm down", Anne screamed. The nurses and doctors run in to see what in the world was happening. They arrived to the sight of Gemma on the ground having a panic attack as Anne was trying her hardest to calm her down.

"Nurse, take her to the other room and give her a sedative" a doctor with a bald head demanded the nurse.

"Sh-she has anxiety" Anne tried to explain to the doctor.

The doctor nodded his head and helped the nurses to take the poor girl into another room to calm her down. The more she would see Harry like that, the more she would panic and it was honestly not in her hands.


Hours had passed and Gemma had eventually calmed down. After doctors talked to her and gave her a sedative, Gemma was able to face her unconscious, younger brother. He looked pale and dark circles had formed around his closed eyes. Gemma later realized that she needed to be strong for her mother, because she was probably dying inside. Since Gemma decided she didn't want to leave Harry's side for even a split second, she stayed over at the hospital at night. Gemma and her mom spent the night sleeping on the uncomfortable chairs in the room.

More days passed with no signal from Harry. Even though Harry was screaming at top of his lungs, no one could hear him. Nobody knew...


Hey all :) This is our first fanfic and yes, it is co-writing.

Both me and my friend decided that we should start a fanfic together and what's better then Larry ?

I hope you all enjoy this first chapter. More drama to come :) Stay tuned :)

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