Once I saw the circle come into view, there was a figure standing there on the stump with its back facing me. I hopped over the log and it seemed like I had a boost of confidence to yell out.

"Hey, you. Look at me." I stopped, and it turned around. It was him, I was right. He was there.

"Oh look, you're calling out to me. What?" Jack just stood there as I got closer.

"You. You're my problem. You're everywhere. You're doing something to me. My mind, you're corrupting it! Leave me alone." I shoved him back, almost falling off the stump.

"I'm not doing anything to you. You're the one thinking about me, thus causing you to think that I'm corrupting." He stepped off the stump, walking closer to me.

I stayed quiet as he kept walking towards me, making me have my back to a tree.

"Emily, you're causing this on yourself. I'm not doing this. You either stop thinking about me, or you come back." I looked at him in confusion.

"What are you talking about?" He sighed and looked away. Here came a blonde shrimp.

"Jack, whe- Why she here?" He pointed over to me.

"Is that a problem that I'm here, shrimp? I came here for one purpose. Jack." He mouth dropped and anger flared.

"First, you call me an elf. Now you're going to call me a shrimp?! Argh!"

"Ben, stop. She doesn't remember anything. So shut it."


"Shut. It. Shortie." He gritted his teeth, then looked back at me.

"Come back? What are you talking about," I raised my voice. "This is what I'm talking about! I'm losing my mind. You're not real, not the shrimp, or Jeff. None of you are real! No matter what, you're all just a figment of my imagination."

I looked at Jack, then the shrimp who was beside him. "If you think that, leave." The shortie popped in.

"Ben. No, stop." Jack moved him and stepped closer to me. Making me move back even more.

"Is that all?" I shook my head and thought, trying to remember and how to piece everything together.

"Why... Why did I see a carcass of Tyler, who's not dead? Wounds to his throat, stomach, and back of the head. Why am I seeing this? Why did I look different the other time? Red eyes, my hair in a hazel-blue color, and half a mask on my face."

He sighed, and it seemed like he hesitated, then looking at the blonde shrimp, BEN.

"Tell me, Jack!"

"Don't yell at me you stupid bitch," Jack growled through his teeth. Ben moved closer to him, resting his hand on Jack's arm. Jack's head moved down, looking at him, then back at me.

"Emily... We are showing you things. Things that most cannot handle."

"Cannot handle? Jack wh-" My word were cut short when something hit me, knocking me out.


My eyes shot opened to see the ceiling of a cabin. I leaned up to see a fire cracking and popping. Silence in the cabin, not even the wind blowing. I placed my feet gently on the floor and walked to the door, opening it slowly.

Looking out to see nothing but trees. The gentle wind blew a little, making my hair blow to the side. A piece of hair caught my eye as it blew. I grabbed it and looked, with that look I wanted to panic or scream. I moved out of the way of the door, and let it slam shut. I turned to run into someone.

"I'm sorry. I-Micah?!" I got off of him. "What are you doing here?"

"Jack let me stay, speaking of him... Do you know where he is?"

"No, but I can find him." I shoved him out of the way, heading to the hallway.

I opened every door and finally, the last door came to me. He has to be in there. I opened the door angrily. A figure was in the bed, and as I approached I grabbed the covers and threw them off. There was Jack, sleeping in his black pants and mask, while his hoodie was at the foot of the bed.

"Wake the hell up!" I started to smack his cheeks lightly, then it got harder. He grabbed my hand before I gave him a hard smack.

"Child, what do you need..?" He gripped my wrist tighter and sat up.

"Why the hell is Micah here?" He sighed.

"He wouldn't shut up about staying with you to make sure you were safe. So, I asked Slender to change him. Thus making Micah like you and Masky." I glared at him.

"Wrong move, Jack." I ripped my wrist away from him and began to walk away.

"He wouldn't shut up."

I turned to him. "I don't care, Jack! You could have done anything else but bring him to this state. He can't kill, you dumbass. He can barely do anything. Now, you brought him here, to this hell."

"Oh, so you see this place as hell, now?" His questioning tone, mixed with anger echoed within the walls.

"No, to me this is heaven! To him, Micah, he'll think he was placed in hell." I yelled back, leaving him on the bed.

I walked about into the living room to see Micah at the bar eating. I went over to the sink and poured me a glass of water, and grabbed an apple.

"I heard you yelling are you okay?" He asked before taking a bite of something.

"Yeah.." I lied. I brought the cup water to my lips, taking a few sips.

"Did you and Jack break up?" The water in my mouth went onto the window. Dropping the glass, I turned to Micah.

"W-what? What the fuck did you say?"

"Did... You and Jack weren't dating?" I took a few steps forward, ignoring the fact that there was broken glass everywhere on the floor.

"No, Jack and I were not dating. Never was, never will." I gritted and walked off the floor to sit down to see how much glass I had in my foot.

After plucking the shards of glass, I just sat there thinking about the dream.

So I killed eight people, well nine including Tyler. I had a dream that none of that happened, but wake up to see that Micah is one of us.

It didn't make sense, Micah was in my dream, wasn't he? My dream of knocking him out. That wasn't real, was It?


I'm here still. I've been writing a little every other day. Sometimes it will be short like this one. I still have a major blockage from the BIG thing. So these may have some big-ish things and fillers. *sigh* I'm sorry. I'll be continuing tomorrow for small pieces. I hope you like this. I'm trying my hardest here, please bear with me.


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