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"I love you."

"As I love you."

An extraordinary girl with a life that seems perfect, i mean she is a princess for gods sake, the past comes back to haunt her and she remembers why she ran. She is taken back to her life of challenges, courtship and forbidden love.

Annabeth has to may secrets and when her rival finds them out she must act quickly. It is not just her life on the line. Will her secrets be revealed or will she take a stand against the forbidden. Whatever she decides she must choose who to trust carefully and never let her guard down.

Along with her decision she must keep training or her students will be sentenced to death. Is all of their deaths being on her head worth getting away without her secrets being spilled or will she choose to let her and her other students live but risk her secrets being revealed to the world.

And then there is the other problem of her brother and his evil wife.

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