Chapter 19

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I landed awkwardly out of the window and ended up falling on my butt. I could hear the banging on the door and Effy calling my name, but i chose to ignore it. I began to walk out onto the street when i noticed a familiar black BMW parked outside the house.

"And where do you think you're going ?" he asked. His leather jacket was tight around his bulky arms and he had a cigarette in his mouth that bounced when he talked.

"I need to find someone," I told him. He raised an eyebrow and smiled showing me his perfect white teeth.

"And who might that be?" he asked with a hint of tease in his eyes. I hear the breaking of wood coming from the inside of the house. Pretty soon they would come running outside looking for me.

"Don't play dumb with me," i snapped. He raised his eyebrows and laughed.

"Alright sweet heart, i understand. But tell me one thing before you go on your little quest," he smiled.


"Whats his house address?" I stared at him blankly realizing i had no idea where he lived. He laughed and pulled the passengers seat open for me.

"Lets go for a ride," he winked. My mind was sending sirens off to try and stop me, but my body didn't oblige. I walked cautiously over to him and into the car. He closed it and ran around to the other side and got inside. He winked at me as he started the car, but i just rolled my eyes. And with that we sped away from the house leaving my friends and my conscience behind.

We had been driving for ten minutes in an awkward silence. His car smelt like cigarettes and had piles and piles of clothes and trash in the back. It was disgusting and smelt awful. I had hundreds of questions to ask him, but i didn't want to break the quiet. He offered the ride, he should be the first one to talk. He looked at me and smirked. He wasn't going to talk. It would have to be me. I sighed in defeat and began to ask him my long list of questions.

"Why were you in front of Harrys house?"

"I came to see if you were alright. And i also wanted to see if Effy wanted to go for a ride... if you know what i mean," he winked. My made a face at the thought and looked away while he laughed.

"Did you all happen to buy the same car?" He smiled and shook his head.

"Who did you see in a black BMW last time?" he asked. I thought about it for a few seconds, but i remember not being able to see who was in the drivers seat when Niall got in this exact car at Ashtons.

"I cant remember," i stated.

"We share. Liam and I." Liam wasn't at the party, so it must have been him picking up Niall.

"Niall payed a small portion so he gets rides whenever he wants and Louis isn't allowed to touch the car."

"Why not?" i asked looking out the window.

"Because he destroys everything he touches," he said. I looked at him and saw no hint of amusement or joking. He was being serious. I nodded my head in understanding and turned my attention back to the window.

After a few minutes of silence i turned back to him.



"You know he wasn't the one who attacked me right?" He shot a quick glance at me before looking back on the road.

"I knew the moment Liam and Ef came running back in. He would never do something like that," he said and I sighed in relief.

"Well are you going to stay in here cause you like me so much or are you going to get out?" he joked. I looked through the window and saw that we were stopped outside a small, slightly familiar apartment building.

"Thanks," i said politely as i got out of the car.

"221," he yelled as the door was closing. I took a deep breath and began to walk towards my blue eyed saviour.

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