Chapter 3

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Arias p.o.v

" am so sorry , i dont know what went over me" he said

I struggled to sit up managing to say its okay, as i pushed him and quickly jumping on him kissing his neck.

" your testing me " he giggled with a smirk

We quickly went downstairs and i was walking with his hoodie on, we ate that cake and sat for a while .. We had a long talk. Me and Adrien haven't had a talk like this in ages , and it felt weird. Thinking about how many times i lied to my parents and friends .. Me and Adrien always been " just friends " to everyone .

In reality i loved Adrien a lot, he was my bestfriend in the second grade and i could tell you we grew up together like a married couple through fights and harsh arguments. We went out once for 5 months keeping it a secret between us .. until michelle came in town and literally ruined our love scene.

Time went by quickly and we both had our bodies pressed together as i sit up i noticed that i was in panties and bra's and my clothes were on the floor , i don't remember nothing . And how embarrassing it was to be revealed on how sexy i wore my Victoria Secret undergarments.

I lied down next to Adrien kissing him , making wake up. As he removed the sheets from him and we were both half naked he had only his boxers on and i was in bra and panties. He looked up and down at me and said " it was about time you stopped using those grandma panties.." He laughed

" oh stop it , " i said slapping his arm

" honestly .. What happened was just amazing amazing aria "

As i looked to the sheets there was blood and that only meant one thing.

" ohhhhhh god, "what in the world happened" i thought to my self. Giving him a curious and confused look. Shit !

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