I had made it to my first class, a little bit late but my principal had notified my teacher over an email that I was in his office. That was all that the teacher told me and that was really the only part I needed to hear. Luckily, I didn't really miss anything from today's lesson. Now that I have returned I didn't want the fact that some people knew about this morning, I didn't want to be their main focus point. 

Just like I have been doing everyday, I looked to the back of the room where Liam was usually sitting. I still couldn't help but let out a quiet sigh at his clear absence and I hoped that once he had come back that people wouldn't crowd around him and ask about his fight with Louis. It was over and done with now, which is at least how I wanted to feel about it. There have been times where I wanted go around to his and thank him properly but I thought I'd just wait until he was comfortable being at school again. 

I sat in my chair and listened to the teacher as he began talking about today's lesson. This morning he had assigned an interactive lesson, where we'd have to get into groups and create a mini-project to present to the class. We each had the same lesson so he wanted us to be quite creative about it so no two presentations were the same. We usually did lessons like this twice a term. Lessons were usually strictly an independent thing but sometimes the teacher wanted us to do group activities. I didn't like them that much because once the teacher let us split off, I was left dumbfounded and looking around, hoping that I'd make eye contact with someone and they'd let me join in with them. Otherwise, I'd have to get up and go around and ask people if they needed another person. This was another selfish reason why I wanted Liam to be here because maybe he'd let me join his group. 

My mind wasn't doomed with fear that I'd be the last one out because I kept thinking about Zayn and Louis' parents. Zayn's mum seemed like the sweetest woman, besides my own mum, of course. I just didn't know how Zayn turned out the way he had with a mum like her. Maybe he was in a rebellious stage and didn't want to appear as 'the good boy his mummy raised'. Then there was Louis, his father proving the exact opposite of my confusions towards Zayn. It was 'father like son' in the worst of ways. I left it at that. Obviously, I didn't know either boy personally enough, or even tried to because I highly doubted they were so strong on talking feelings and such with other people.

"You have the rest of this lesson, the weekend, and then Monday to get finished with it. Presentations start Tuesday and the order will be completely random so make sure everyone in your group knows the materials because absences won't get you out of it. The entire group will get the same markings." Our teacher concluded. "You may now group up and I expect you all to be working and not messing around. There is always work to be done." He purposefully eyed a group of students beside me. They've been known to be a bit disruptive. 

After the teacher turned and went over to his desk, my eyes scanned around and watched as the class turned free to pair up with their friends, and not people who could be a benefit to their markings. The silent room soon became a mix of screeching chairs and chatter, soon to be hushed by the teacher once it was too loud for his standards.

I let out a sigh as everyone except for me got acquainted and comfortable in their chosen groups.

Well, time for you to get up and take your "Can I Join You?' tour. First stop, the lovely group of girls to your right. 

As I collected my schoolbag to start making my rounds, I stopped when I believed I heard my name being called. Like the clueless fool that I was, I began looking in practically every direction to snoop out where my name was coming from. 

"Horan, back here." I heard, followed by a few chuckles. I was making it too obvious that I had no idea who was trying to get my attention. 

You were never too smooth anyway. 

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