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Hey it's Hannah here and you probably have no idea who I am. But I bet you know my two famous brothers Hayes and Nash Grier. Actually me Hayes are twins we are both 15 years old and our brother Nash who is only one year older is 16 years old.
The story:
KIDS!!! Our mom yelled. We all ran down stairs to see our mom sitting at the kitchen table we all sit down with her then she starts to talk. "So you know how Nash and Hayes go on the magcon tours."yes"we all say.
Mom: I have some great news
Us: what is it !!!
Mom: Bart has invited Hannah to go if she wants!!!!!!!
Us: yayyyyyyyyy
Mom: you guys leave tomorrow
Me: what tomorrow, I need to get packed!!!!!!!
So I walked up to my room and started packing."Hmm let's see we'll be gone for a week so I need to pack 4 pairs of shorts,3 pairs of pants,9 shirts , 4 pairs of Vans and 2 pairs of sandals, then I packed my hair stuff and makeup
I wake the next morning and realized we were leaving for magcon today. so got up and got dressed. I was wearing a neon pink crop top , black high waisted shorts , neon pink vans to match my shirt , and my everyday makeup which was eye liner and mascara. I put my hair up in a high ponytail and then took my suitcases downstairs. It was 8:30 and yet nobody else was up, our flight leaves at 10:00 so I decide to go wake up hayes and Nash. once they wake up and get dressed we leave for the airport. when we get there I see my boyfriend zach standing by the boarding area. I run into his arms we say our goodbyes and talk for little bit i go back to my family. flight 357 is now boarding . " That's us " Nash said. we say our goodbyes and board the plane. the plane had three seats In each row and me,hayes,and Nash all sat together. I got the window seat and hayes sat in the middle beside me. he looked mad or sad I couldn't tell.
Hannah: "hayes are you ok look mad"
Hayes: "I'm fine "
Hannah: " come on hayes you can tell me I'm twin, please tell me".
Hayes: " I just don't think you should date zach"
Hannah: " why, I didn't think you cared about who I date".
Hayes: "he's cheated and used girls before and I don't want you getting hurt"
Hannah: "I'm not going to get hurt we've been dating for 3 months now"
Hayes: "whatever "
We arrive at the hotel and get checked in. Nash is sharing a room with Cameron , Matt , carter , And Shawn.
Hayes is sharing a room with
Taylor , jack and jack. and the rest of the magcon boys had there own room. then I shared a room with Matt's girlfriend Mikaela, Nash's girlfriend Lilly, and Cam's girlfriend Alaina. I was actually really good friends with all them mostly because we went to school together. it was getting late so me and the girls decided to go to sleep.
I wake up the morning, I was the first one up so I decide to get in the shower. after I get out of the I get dressed in a neon green crop top that had a neon pink infinity sigh on the front of it, I had on neon pink high waisted shorts to Match the design on my shirt. I also wore my black vans, eye liner and mascara. I curled my hair and put a black bandanna on to match my shoes. by the time I walked out of the bathroom everyone else was up and dressed. so we decided to go down to the lobby and wait on the boys. after about ten minutes they all came down. "So where are we going". I asked. " well the guys are going to the mall we go to if you all want .'' Lilly said. "Ok i mean if it's ok with the guys." Alaina said. then we all turned the guys. "ok" they all said.
The girls shopping :
First we went in Claire's and bought earrings and I got three new bandanna's and two bows. after we left Claire's we went to Journeys and bought new vans. then we walked around the mall and asked random ppl. to take selfies with us. Alaina's was the funniest she went up to this old lady and asked her to take a selfie and the lady said yes so Alaina made her triple chin face and took the picture. After that we went to the food court to meet up with the boys. after we meet with the boys we eat lunch than leave the mall when we get back to the hotel we all go in Hayes's room and talk for awhile. Then I realize that cam and Alaina are gone so I go back to my room to look for them. when I open the door I see them making out so I go in the bathroom and put soap on my hand and run out screaming slap cam while I slap cam. then Alaina tackles me and making give her a piggy back ride but then we face plant the floor. ring ring my phone starts ringing and it was zach so I answer, I mean of course he's my boyfriend.
The phone conversation:
Zach: hey there's something I need to tell you
Hannah: o hey bae what's wrong
Zach: yea don't call me that and umm well you see there's this girl
Zach: umm well yes but I'm so sorry
End of phone call.
Then I threw my phone at the wall and it shattered. I ran to the bathroom and locked the door. I went through the cabinets in the bathroom until I found this brand new razor so grab it and take it apart and get the blade out. I haven't done this in awhile but I'm in a lot of pain so I take the blade and slit four new cuts on my wrist. then I wash off the blood then put on this really big bracelet that I used to wear when I did cut myself from being bullied. But I never told any one cause they would think I have problems and maybe I do. After that I just sit there crying until I hear a knock on the door then it opens. it was Taylor . I didn't even look at him or talk to him. I sat there on the floor crying and there was blood every ware from my wrist. I hear the door shut but Taylor was still there. he came in and sat next to me
Me and Taylor talking
T: what happened did u fall ? are u hurt ?
H: my boyfriend zach cheated on me
T: I'm so sorry, but that doesn't answer what I asked u why is there blood everywhere.
End of conversation:
I just sat there and started crying into his shoulder. Then he held up my wrist. "oh Hannah what have you done? why would you do this to yourself "?
Me and Taylor talking:
T: well first we should get out of the bathroom.
H: umm ok
We walk out the bathroom and sit on the bed.
T: so why did you do this to yourself
H: it started in 6th grade, I got bullied really bad ,they even started beating me up. it got so bad I tried to kill myself but then our oldest brother Will found me. he's the only one besides you that knows so please don't tell any one about the self harm
T: oh don't worry I won't tell any body. and I also I think your the most beautiful girl in the world and it shouldn't matter what they think of you .
H: that's the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me.
T: it's the truth
End of conversation
I walk down the hall to hayes room to tell him about zach.
I walk into his room and before I can say anything start crying like crazy .
Me and Hayes's conversation ⬇️.
Hayes: what's wrong why are you crying .
Hannah: you were right
Hayes: what was right
Hannah: about zach
Hayes: oh I'm soo sorry are you ok .
Hannah : after I cried for two hours and broke my phone.
Hayes: what happened to your phone
Hannah: ummmm I kinda threw it at the wall and it shattered.
Hayes : well don't worry we will get you a new phone right after I kill zach
Hannah : ok
End of conversation ⬆️
It started getting late so I decided to back to mine and the girls room and go to sleep. When I open our door I see Lilly and Nash cuddled up on her bed watching a movie witch made me start crying because me and zach use to do that. So I run out into the hall if Lilly chasing after me. "Hannah whats wrong." It's nothing y'all just reminded me of when me and zach use to do that. but it's fine I'll just get ready for bed y'all go back to your movie. I said. "are you sure your fine because we can watch the movie later." no no fine I promise, I'm going to get in the shower anyways." Ok as long as your good."
So we walk back in the room and Lilly goes back over to Nash.

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