Mad or Nah?

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Chapter 6

*Maddie's POV*

"I'm sorry"I say looking at the broken guitar.

He was smiling.Not even mad at me.

"Are you not mad at me?" I say looking up at him.

"No why would I be mad at you"he says smiling at me.

"Because that is your guitar and the one you play on stage with" I said.

"That's my backup on  you are fine" he says smiling.

He stared at me for a second and then acts like nothing happened.

"I still feel really bad for braking it do you want me to buy a new one? I say in a concerned.

"No its fine I have another one I use all the time!" he said looking at his broken guitar.

I looked at him for a while. He and I are going to have kids that look as handsome as he does.He played me a couple of his new songs, while I losten shocked by his beautiful voice.We had to go soon because we had to met up with the other boys. We walked to the other side of.the hotel and seen all the boys talking to each other.I wonder why theh didnt ask where we were at or what we were doing. I had to say something so it wouldnt be awkward.

"H-have any of you seen Nash and Kalycia?"I say hesitating to speak.

They all just look at me in shock that I was even speaking.Before they can answer Kasey and Nash walked in.They all looked at them.After they had came in we all ask them were have you been. They answered and then Bart came in and talke  to all of the boys.After the talk Kasey and I had to leave. We all said our goodbyes and we left.

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