Dream Sequence

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An: By demand i am doing a sequel to mirror force and feelings mutual (in the same book) I'd suggest reading both of them before reading this so check them out. So in this book (which will probably have a few un fixable plot flaws but I'll manage, so bare with me. Both Taylor and Cyrus will be in this book and you'll notice i've changed the end of mirror force so my sequel idea works. For every update I want at least five votes for me to continue.

Or I'll just grow impatient.

Intro: Cyrus' POV

I opened my eyes to see a I was in some kind of tube. I palmed the walls to no avail until a man walked up to me, smirking.

"Now now Cyrus, we'll let you out in a moment," he sounded like a right asshole, "My name is Saturn, Team Galactic welcomes you."

At this time the glass around me disappeared, but as quickly as I had freedom someone chained my hands behind my back and attached the end of the chain to a pole, making me thrash and kneel.

"Where's Red?!" I screamed at the blue haired dude.

He chuckled, "We let him go, he didn't have the power we wanted, but you do, Cyrus Oak, you're an experiment."

Suddenly I sagged and every angry thought in my head changed to confusion, my eyes green, "no, what do you mean, my name is Cyrus Valor or Cyrus Harmonia, it.....it's never been Oak, never."

Saturn squatted in front of me, grasping my chin, "Aw, you poor thing, Team Plasma has confused you so much, Cyrus Valor was a contest name, you don't even remember who you are anymore."

I was surprised to hear that he wasn't mocking me. "You don't remember your brother, he thought he lost you in that fire, and that you were so close to his lost little sister, he thought you were a breath of light, that's why he cared for you so much, he was pretending he had his precious little sister back, and he never even knew who you were.

"Dont be sad Cyrus, it's not your fault Cyrus, you couldn't do anything."

"Blue....was my brother."

Blue's POV

"Cyrus was actually my sister?!" I asked my grandfather, baffled. He nodded, still collecting items for us to take along.

"Ew....I'm dating your sister," Red mumbled, "Who we haven't seen in almost a month, what's going on here professor?"

He simply flicked on the tv and we saw Team galactic talking.

"We now posses the ultimate pokemon with the power to destroy you all," it played on repeat again and again.

"So what does that have to do with Cy?" Silver asked. Then he paused for a moment, "Dont tell me she's like Viola and Olivear."

My grandfather shook his head vigourously, "No, of course not, it's Cyrus' brain Team Galactic is after. She has supernatural powers that she's yet to tap into. When she was very little she was caught in an accident that caused this extreme brain powers. If she really wanted to or had to she could rip the crust off the earth."

"And her primary use to Team Galactic will probably be to turn her against the world or make her fear it enough to destroy it. Team Galactic resisdes in Sinnoh so your guide..."

The person talking and marching down the stairs was someone I thought I'd never see again. Lady Taylor Elis Royal. "And Taylor will be accompanying you on your journey to save Cyrus."

Silver deadpanned as he said her name, "Taylor."

"Silver," she grinned wickedly, "I fucking hate you."

"Feelings mutual. Professor, why is she coming?"

"Taylor is well acquainted with Cyrus and her interesting powers, now get going."

He shoved the bags at us and turned us out.

"First we need to go to Sinnoh, that's their region," Taylor instructed.

"Well aren't you bossy," Silver sneered.

"Well aren't you a bitch," Taylor retorted.

Just then a fearrow landed next to us, holding Yellow, December and January. Shit's about to go down.

"Hey Silv," Jan kissed him on the cheek.

Silver kissed her back passionately, on purpose. "Wow, you really are a little pedophile, what is she, like fifteen?" Of course Taylor was right, like she always is.

Cyrus' POV

Alright, fuck it. Saturn is most definitely not a nice person. I was in a room, sitting on a chair all chained up elevated over a vat of acid.

"Use your power Cyrus, fight back!" several people jeered. I had no idea who they were, not did I care to find out.

A man walked up to me, shooing the people away. "So you're the girl."

I felt a feeling swell within me and the chains started to melt away, transitioning from magma to water and cooling my skin.

The room filled with black smog like smoke screen and I found myself in the outdoors.

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