Survivors Chapter Three

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"Father, we need to help her," I screamed as I was running towards him. 

"Let's get outta here, Soph, there ain't no time to help her. I told you, grievers are afraid. And when your afraid, you die. Simple. That's why we don't make connections with the other dorms. They are weak. They grieve, and they die. Death is infectious."

I rubbed my eyes and looked up at Father. He was glancing down at me with his big blue eyes. My own eyes began to tear up as I turned around to look back at the young girl. She was lying on the floor. About to die. We could help. 

"Don't you dare cry young lady. Let's go. I'm hungry and I know you are. Hunger makes people weak." Father opened the gate and pulled his gun out from his belt. He was expecting walkers, but the road ahead was empty. I had no choice but to follow Father and leave the girl behind, dying. I couldn't skip a run either. If you skip a run, you get sent to another dorm. Another dorm where survivors are dying daily. The dreaded place.

Father and I ran along the silent road. The sky was still clear and the trees were florishing. There were no walkers in sight. The road ahead led straight to Albert's. Maybe I wouldn't have to worry about using my blade today. 

Soon enough, we approached the run down grocery. The sign above the store now said 'Abrts' and the rest of the letters were laying on the ground. 

"We are gonna have an easy run today, Soph," Father exclaimed, "ain't nobody been here in years. I'm sure the shelves are stocked with cans o'food. Let's go in and out. Ready?"

I pulled my knife from my belt and shook my head. I wasn't supposed to keep my hopes high, but I knew that walkers were not living in that run down store. 

I walked up to the broken revolving door and pushed it forward. Slowly, the door creaked and dust flew into my face. Soon enough, I was inside the store looking at aisles of good old food. I licked my lips at the sight of those canned goods. Tonight was going to be a good night at the cafeteria. 

Father came in the back door and pressed the light switch. The lights flickered, but died out almost instantly. "We're good. No walkers in here. Plus, we got lots o'food. I am thinking we ain't gonna need a run for the whole week, Soph," Father shouted. I nodded excitedly and started running down the aisles with a basket in hand. I grabbed cans of beans, carrots, and other vegetables. Eventually, I came to the end of the basket. The cans were overflowing and falling all over the floor. 

"Father, I think I'm good, you-holy crap!" I screamed and jumped onto the shelves. A walker sat on the floor. No legs, no arms. Just body and head. My heart began to race. But as Father said, the afraid die quicker than the brave. I gripped my blade and gave the walker a good hit in the head. That should do it.

"Sophie!" Father rounded the corner and saw me standing on the shelve. He exhaled and rolled his eyes. "Why the hell did you freak me out like that? Them walker can't even move. There ain't no problem with killing them badboy." Father picked up the cans I dropped and filled his basket. "Let's get outta here. I think your hungry."

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