I squeezed my eyes tightly, mainly to try and help me fall asleep, but it also helped with keeping in the tears.

It helped with the tears, probably because my eyes were completely dried put from earlier that day. I tossed and turned in my bed, unable to find a comfortable position. I turned towards my bedside table and turned my phone on. The time read: 2:04am. Great. I remember that that was the number of Julie's hospital room. That sent more tears down my face. I quickly wiped them with the back of my hand and sat up in my bed. I immediately began to text the one person who I knew would be up at this time. Ashton.

Me: Hey, are you up?

Ashton: Of course I'm up. Can't sleep either?

Me: Nope. I can't stop thinking about her...

Ashton: Neither can I. Are your parents home?

Me: Um, no. Why?

Ashton: I'll be at your apartment in less than twenty minutes.

Me: Alright. Thank you.

I didn't ask for Ashton to come over at two in the morning, but I was grateful. We could both use the company right now.

I hopped out of bed and sleepily walked to the front door and unlocked it. I stumbled back to my bedroom and got under the sheets once again. Then, I waited for Ashton.

As he said, in less than twenty minutes I heard the door to the apartment open.

"Haley?" Ashton whispered, even though I was all alone.

"In my room!" I called.

When I saw Ashton's head pop in the doorway, I patted my bed next to me, motioning for him to sit down. He slid his shoes off and climbed onto my bed. We sat there for a couple minutes just staring off into space.

"I can't do it" Ashton finally broke the silence.

"Can't do what?" I looked in his eyes.

Ashton looked down at his hands before he spoke, "I can't live without her".

Ashton looked outside my window and sniffed, obviously beginning to cry. I wiped away a tear that had escaped from my eye.

"I know Ashton. It's going to be hard, for both of us" I placed my hand on Ashton's back, softly rubbing it.

I felt Ashton's body shaking uncontrollably as he let out loud sobs. He wiped his eyes with the back of his hands like a child.

"I don't want to do it. I miss her!" he said sloppily.

I motioned for him to get under the sheets and lay down. He quickly got under the sheets and faced me. I placed my hand on his shoulder and rubbed it with my thumb.

"I know. I do too" I whispered, trying to keep in my tears.

I saw Ashton's eyes start to flutter closed, probably because all of the crying made him tired.

"I do too" I said after I knew he was fully asleep.


AN: Okay so this was kind of short but aw a Hashton moment!! They may not seem very sad about Julie dying but trust me you will see that they are. Ok so if you have any suggestions please comment below! I love getting comments so pleeeeeaaase! And vote too! Thanks! Love you xx

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