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How to become friends with Michael Clifford? He's popular, and he would never look at me. But when I think about it... He's a guy with a good soul, he'd never hurt anyone, as much as I know. If I probably act like a nervous girl with problems, I could maybe get to know him.

I'm currently walking in the hallway. But I can't find him. 20 mins to the start of the first period. I'm searching in every hallway. Nope. Maybe if I go outside? Okay. I open the door, see his crew - but no Michael. Maybe in the restroom? Though it will be awkward. Nevermind, If I can rob the bank, why can't I go to the man restroom.

Oh look. Michael is standing right there. What now.

I walk towards him, and bump into him, and drop all of my books.

"Oh, I'm so so sorry!" I say desperate.

"No, it's ok..." he says, while picking up my books.

C'mon Storm, you can think of something...

I look at his shirt. Hm, Rolling stones? I know a few songs, maybe I can make up something.

"Oh, you like the Rolling stones!" I shout and give a fake smile.

"Yeah, you like 'em?" he asks.

"Of course! My favourite song is.. Erm... Angie?" I say something quickly though I'm not sure if it is actually their song...

"Yeah that's a nice song..." he says and smiles.

Maybe this is good for a start.

"Well, I really have to go, but, I'll see you around sometimes." I smile and leave.

Marcus will be satisfied with how I did the first part.

Now, I have to find stuff that Michael likes. That will take a while.




*After school*

I open the door and sigh. Oh no...

"Storm, where the hell were you! I can't make dinner and wash the dishes by myself!" My non-biolagical mother yells.

I'm adopted in a 'happy' family :)

"You have a f*ckin' husband and 7 children that don't even go to school!" I yell.

I live with my 'parents' that are actually not my biolagical parents, I'm adopted. We are broke, so I hang out with Hawk's gang and robb banks and stores.

I get in the living room.

"Hey Tianah." I say and sit next to my older sister.

"Yo. Heard Dan and Marcus' younger brother took some drinks and made a party" she says "You invited?" Hm. Marcus said nothing. Oh, I've forgotten. He'll invite me 5 mins before. As usual.

"No... But he'll probably invite me" I say

"You sure?"

"He always does that! I mean, I know him since..."

"Last week?"

"No! Tianah, we're friends since forever! He will invite me sooner or later... He needs to." I say.

I have a special request from him. He is supposed to invite me.

"Well, we'll see Storms" Tianah says and leaves.

"I'm sure Tianah!"

"Whatever sis."


 I'm sitting on the bench in front of my house.

"Get up" Marcus just passes by. I stand up and follow him.

"Heard you're having a party." I say.

"Hawk's here." his voice mumbles. Hawk? Oh no.

I actually never met him. And Marcus is afraid of him.

"Is that bad?" I ask.

"I don't know. He wants to see you. Follow me"

I walk by him.

We 'landed' in a little house, that's right next to the house where they make party's and where the crew gathers up.

My hands are shaking. What's he gonna say?

"Go." Marcus tells me.

"Y-you won't come in?" my voice trumbles.

He opens the door, and shows me to go inside. I'm sure that's a no.

I walk inside. Does Hawk live here? Wasn't he from New York?

The small hallway is empty. I check the 2 rooms. Empty. Oh, look, one's left. I knock.

No one's answering.

I open the door. An older man is sitting on a leather chair. He's probably in his 40's.

"H-hello?"I say.

He's smoking a cigare.

"You're probably, Hawk." i trumble. "I'm Storm Cloude" I say. His eyes lifted up

"Storm." he says. "Come here"

"Why Storm?"

"Well, it's not my real name. It's more like a... Nickname."

"Aha. I see. What's your real name? If I may know?" he asks. Dammit. I hate saying my real name. No one knows it. Neither my parents. The day they found me, I told them I'm Storm. I mean, they understood storm.

"It's more like a private thing." I say.

"Private thing!" he laughs "Honey, I'm giving you 20000 dollars and a huge house in LA, and you are telling me your name is a 'private thing'?" he yells.

"I... it's... H...." I can't tell him "Hope" I lie. "Hope Cloude" I say courageusly.

"Interesting. Hope. Look. You have a really nice quest. You need to get friends with Michael Clifford, you know him?" I nod in a sign I know him "You need to find his weaknesses, and secrets. For exactly 2 months, you will bring him here. Then, I'll give you the money, money for the airplane tickets and money for the house. Are we clear?"

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