Chapter Fifty Four: The Business Trip

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After making passionate love the night before, Gary decided it was time to make Ji Hyo an honest woman.  It was very early in the morning, when Gary woke up Ji Hyo and told her that they need to talk about the wedding.

"JI Hyo, wake up...when do you want to get married?...we need to set a date..."

She was still sleepy from all that lovemaking they did a few hours earlier.

"Wedding....what wedding?...who's getting married?, " she said sleepily as she snuggled closer to him.

Gary snickered and smiled, then said, "we are, you fool."

That's when Ji Hyo realized that it was their nuptials Gary was talking about.  She then opened her eyes, scooted a little bit away from Gary, stretched her arms and yawned.  Then she wrapped her leg back around his, put her arm and hand on his chest and nestled her head on the side of his warm, soft body.  Gary used his arm as her pillow and brought her closer to him.

"I would like a winter wedding, " she said.

"Okay, how about January?" he asked.

"Uhmm, I was leaning more towards February," she said.

"Is that what you want?" he asked.

She timidly looked up at his face and nodded.

He smiled and kissed her and than told her that they would make plans for their winter wedding.  Both were very happy of their decision that they sealed the deal by taking a romantic shower together before heading back home. 

To minimize the media frenzy they would cause if they announced their plans for marriage, they decided to keep it low key by not announcing it to the public.  They even went as far as keeping it from their family and friends.  When the time got closer, then they would share the news to all the people they love, but until then it would remain a secret.

After a few days after arriving home from their one day "romantic date" Ji Hyo probed the question to Gary as to what name should they give to their son.  Finally, it was decided that they would name their son, Kang Hyun Ki.  They shared their decision to both families.  Everyone was happy that their little boy now had a name to go by.  Gary and Ji Hyo made plans for a family and friends get together to welcome to their son into their new found family.

As preparations were being made for the upcoming Baby Welcoming Party for Kang Gary and Song Ji Hyo's son, Gary had planned a short business trip to Beijing.  He told JI Hyo that he would be back in time for the celebration.

Gary was promoting his company Leessang outside of Korea.  As his status as well loved variety contestant in the popular show Running Man increased, so did his status as a music artist.  Leessangs popularity began to triple outside the regions of Korea.   After their successful Asia Showcase Concerts, they secured their status as one of the greatest hip hop duos in Korea.

A while ago, Gary voiced out his opinion that he was "ugly".  He later found out that many of his adoring fans, including the love of his life Ji Hyo, found him to be the opposite. Many women looked beyond the superficial outlook of his facial features.  Instead, it was his inner qualities and persona as a gentleman that attracted many of his female fans.

When he was in China, he phoned home regularly.  The last day of his business trip, he held a short and small fan meeting in one of the conference rooms in the hotel he was staying.  Many fans came to see him.  The fan meeting lasted for only an hour.  After Gary thanked the fans for showing up, he quickly departed to the elevator and headed back up to his room.  The elevator door was just about to close when a beautiful young woman entered the elevator.  At first Gary was suspicious that it might be a fan but when the woman didn't bother him and asked him to press number 10, he quickly erased the crazy idea from his mind.  Little did he know that his suspicion was correct.  It was a crazy fan who wanted him all to himself.

As the elevator was going up, the woman suddenly pushed the stop button and threw her body on Gary.  Shocked, Gary struggled to get her off of him.  Suddenly, the woman's hand touched him in a place where she shouldn't have touched him.  Startled, Gary shoved her hard away from him.  She stumbled back and as Gary was going to press the button to have the elevator move again, she jumped on him again and kissed him hard on the lips.  Gary was taken aback by this sick woman's gesture.  Finally, he gave her one final shove and desperately pressed the button to open the elevator door.  When the elevator finally stopped and the door opened, Gary immediately got out of the elevator to get away form the crazy fan.  He had red lipstick all over his face, his T-Shirt was torn and his fly was open.  The fan did not get off the elevator.  Instead she straightened up herself before pressing the down button of the elevator.  Gary was in disbelief how far some fans would go to get to know him.  He decided to take the stairs up to his room instead of the elevator.  Once in his room, he called the manager and security to come to his room.

Gary explained to the manager what happened to him on the elevator.  The manager was shocked at Gary's appearance (red lipstick on his face, torn shirt and open fly).  Listening to Gary's story, the manager was in disbelief that this really happened.  Frustrated with the look of doubt that this really happened from the manager' s face, Gary asked the security personnel if they had a security camera installed in the elevator?  When the security personnel said, "yes" the manager quickly asked him to get the tape so they can see for themselves if the video surveillance on the elevator caught anything.

Sure enough the three of them saw Gary being attacked by a female fan.  The manager quickly apologized to Gary and promised this would not happen again.  He reassured Gary that he would beef up security near the elevator doors, next time an important guest comes to visit them. 

Gary thanked the manager for the changes he will make in the hotel.  He wanted to press charges against the woman who attacked him but she had disappeared away form the building.  There was nothing he could about the situation but just move on. The hotel manager again apologized to Gary for what happened to him in the elevator and personally gave him his business card.  He asked Gary if there is anything he can do to make his last day as comfortable as possible than he shouldn't hesitate to contact him directly so he will make arrangements to see that his needs are fulfilled  Gary then thanked the manager before escorting him to the door.

"Aiish...I can't believe this happened?!" Gary said to himself.  He went into the bathroom to clean himself up.  When he saw the lipstick on his face, the torn shirt and fly of his pants open, he thought to himself, "what would Ji Hyo think if she saw him like this?"  She probably wouldn't believe him.  So for the sake of not creating any problems with her, he decides to keep this matter to himself.

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