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~Stacy's Pov~

I slowly kissed him back, all my problems drifting away as he deepened the kiss. He leaned onto me cause a slight breath to escape from my lips. I then pulled away, realizing that there had to be some mistake, some kind of error or miscalculation to cause him to do that. "So I take it you like me?" he smiled, hugging me into his chest. Again I felt loved, that feeling in your stomach you get when that one person is around you.

"Yeah, I have for a while actually, I just assumed you'd never want me." I confessed, looking away. I had always had these feelings for Joey, but of course I was never planning on telling him. Look at him, he's every girl's dream, then there's me, worthless. He kissed me on the forehead and whispered, "Who else could I want when I only see you? You're beautiful. Let's get some sleep."

I didn't have anything else to say, I just smiled, setting up everything. I went to the bathroom to change into my pajamas. Taking a good, long stare at myself. Joey likes me, and I can trust him, this is perfect, but it's bad at the same time. I don't know what to do. But I won't worry about that right now, I'll cross that bridge when I get to it. I mean, I ant just let Joey come into my life and make all my problems go away. He's not a superhero, he's just a Joey and I know he doesn't do well under extreme pressure.

"He'll find out sooner or later though Stacy." I whispered to myself beginning to have a mental conversation. I waited for those thoughts to subside before stepping out of the bathroom. I saw his gaze avert from his laptop and fall upon me. He flashed me a smile and invited me to sit with him. I sat next to him and let the smile I was holding back shine. "You're beautiful," he whispered, wrapping his arm around me.

"Thank you," I mumbled back momentarily after, not wanting to be rude. He flashed a smile again, a smile that said "'welcome" without him ruining this moment of silence. "Do you just want to sleep with me?" he asked. before I had time to respond, "Not sleep with me like have sex with me, but you know just cuddling, but if you want t-" I cut him off by pecking him ever so slightly and getting up. "Yeah let's go," I grabbed his hand and helped him up.

~Joey's Pov~

I lead Stacy into the bedroom, picking up a couple things from the floor. I didn't prepare for this to happen, though I feel a bit idiotic for not preparing. I pulled back the covers and allowed her to get into bed, sliding in next to her once she was comfortable. It was a bit awkward, well a lot awkward, but it was a calming kind of awkward. I handed her the remote, "We'll watch whatever you want to watch." I said slowly wrapping my arms around her.

The movie she picked had a boring beginning, but as time went by I got really into it. Stacy had fallen asleep a couple minutes ago, so I was trying to be quiet as not to disturb her. I was just sitting there, quietly, watching this movie and stroking her hair slowly. Towards the end of the movie, my eyes started getting heavily, I could feel myself falling asleep, then I did.


So, here's the next chapter, sorry it took me forever to update, but now it won't take me as long anymore. What do you think'll happen next?

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