Part 19

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"You're that boy in gang, aren't you?" He asked. "No, I'm not that Jason. I'm an ordinary boy who's just searching for his kidnapped girlfriend." I almost yelled. He chuckled cause he thought I'm lying. "It looks like you have to stay here for the night." He said and we followed him somewhere.


Jason's P.O.V.

We were sitting in the waiting room. I was looking on the ground, rubbing my forehead. "They know us." Ryan whispered, looking at the wall. I nodded my head lightly and sighed. I leaned back and licked my lips. "We're gonna be here more than just a night." I said and sighed once again. "We're gonna make it." Chaz said confidently and swallowed his saliva. "How?" I asked feeling worthless.

"We can escape. We've always escaped." Ryan said and wide opened his eyes. I shrugged my shoulder and kept looking at the wall. Suddenly, the cop came to us. "The court is waiting." He said and took us in the room. (idk how is on the court, so i'm gonna skip this part lol) After the court, we went to our cells. "Three months together. It's gonna be fine, huh?" The cop teased and locked us. I rolled my eyes and sat on the bed.
I lay down and covered my face with pillow. "I betrayed her." I whined into the pillow. "Jason, we're gonna make it." Chaz said sitting next to me. He looked down at me and sighed. "No Chaz." I said and removed the pillow from my face. I sat up and wiped my eyes. "I promised I'll take care of her. Now look where we are. Who knows how bad is she suffering right now." I cried and closed my eyes. Chaz put his hand on my shoulder to comfort.
"Let's just go to sleep and we're gonna think of something tomorrow." Ryan said leaning on the wall. I nodded my head and lay down again. I closed my eyes, but I couldn't stop the tears. They were falling down my face like a rain.

Your P.O.V.

I was still sitting on the floor with strapped arms. I sniffled and licked my lips. I was laying in complete dark for a few hours now. "Jason." I whispered and closed my eyes. Suddenly, someone came in the room again. It was the guy with mask. "What do you want?" I asked annoyed. He came closer to me and grabbed my arm. He stood me up and when he saw how weak I was, he lifted me up and took me out of the room. He walked in the living room and put me down on the couch.

"Look at this." He said with low voice and showed me his lap top. I squeezed my eyes. He opened it and there was a picture of Jason, Chaz and Ryan at the station. "What?" I whispered and looked at him. He chuckled and showed me another picture of them in the woods. "Why?" I asked. "I like to play games." He said and chuckled again. "Who are you?" I asked and looked closer at his face.

"You don't know me. But I know you very well." He said and wrapped his arm around me. "How?" I asked again and looked at his arm around me. "Let's just say you're very atractive for bad boys." He said and kissed the top of my head. I removed my head from his lips and looked around the room.

Jason's P.O.V.

Next morning

I woke up with a headache. I rubbed my eyes and yawned. "Ryan." I whispered and he woke up too. "What's going on?" He asked and looked around the cell. "Nothing." I said and stood up. I stretched my body and took a deep breath. I sat on the bed again and looked at the wall. Suddenly, the sop came to us and unlocked the doors. "Morning. You're free." He said and I quickly stood up. I looked at him shocked. "Someone paid for your freedom. You can go." He said annoyed and I stepped coser to him. "Who?" I asked and smiled.

"Anonymous. He also left a message for you." He said and gave me envelope. I went out of the cell and opened the envelope. I took out a piece of paper and read it. "I saved you and if you want to save your girlfriend, meet me at the train station." I growled and crushed the paper in my hand. I followed Ryan and Chaz outside. "We have to go to the train station." I said and rubbed the back on my head.
They nodded their heads. We nervously walked back to the park, where we left our car. After a couple of minutes, we finally arrived to the car. I unlocked it and opened the doors. I wanted to sit on the seat, but I saw another piece of paper on it. I sighed and grabbed it. "I'll wait for you under the big clock." I read it out loud. "When is this shit gonna stop!?" I yelled and sat in. I started the car and drove to the train station.

I stopped the car and opened the doors. "You guys wait here." I said and they obeyed me. I harshly smacked the doors and angrily walked to the big clock. I stopped there and crossed my arms. I looked around nervously and sighed. I looked down at my feet and wiggled them a little. Suddenly, I heard whining behind me. I looked back and saw (Y/N) looking at me. The guy was holding her very tight. I ran to her, but the guy pulled the gun and showed it into me.

"Stop right there." He ordered and I obeyed. "Just let her go." I said and looked at her crying. "Please, just give her to me and everything will be fine." I said. He chuckled and shook his head. "The game is not over yet." He said smiling like crazy. I squeezed my eyes and suddenly, another guy came to them and lifted (Y/N) up. He ran away with her in his arms.


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