Part 19-what are you doing?

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"What?" Brook shouts.

"Why do you think it was tom?" I ask concerned.

"She's been getting texts."he says whilst looking at his feet.

"And you didn't think to tell me?" Brook glares at Liam.

"She literally only just told me, Brook I swear."

"So why did you turn around in the first place?"I growl.

"Ryder, it was probably only an accident." Brook tried to soothe me.

"I was only trying to pick a flower for her." He says guiltily.

"Oh how romantic." I sneer.

"Shut up Ryder,you're just jealous." Liam says back to me with a smirk.

"what because you told her from me? Yeah I am."

"Stop bickering,I'd rather go and try and save my sister from the dangers she could be in. So are you two going to grow up or do I need to go alone?"

"I'm coming." I say.

"Me too." I glare at liam with his response,anything he does is going to annoy me I can tell.

We all run out of the cabin and come to a stop.

We see something we didn't want to see.

We see Skye.

Skye holding hands with someone.

It can only be one person.


"Skye,come over here!" Brook shouts to his sister.

Tom and Skye whip round to face us.

We see the tears rolling down Skye's cheeks.

I walk over to him.

"Get your hands off her." I tell him.

"Tell him that you want to hold hands with me hunny." I see the tears forming in her eyes again. She goes to say something and i see tom raise his eyebrows.

"Ryder,it's okay,I...I...want to." The tears start rolling down her cheeks.

Brook comes over to us.

"Get your hands off of my sister,NOW!" He booms.

Tom raises his eyebrows at Skye.

"Brook,I want to."

"Tell him our news Skye." Tom nudges her. Skye looks pained.

"No,tom,please." She cries,whilst trying to pull her hand away,he tugs on and we all see it. I see Brook tense and the tears form in his eyes.

"Skye,TELL THEM!" He shouts at her. She looks so uncomfortable and out of place,she looks hurt.

"We are"

"Get on with it!" He screams at her. I just want to hold her, I want to wipe away her tears and tell her everything will be okay,I want to tell her I love her. I want to tell her how much she means to me,I want to tell her her!

"We are now together,so please don't act badly towards tom." I know this is him making her say all of this.

"Just got to go run some errands,see you later babe." He reaches out to kiss her and she squirms away,we all see it. And more importantly he sees it. He glares at her and she pecks him on the lips. Once he is out of sight we all turn to Skye and Brook hugs her deeply. She looks between me and Liam and we both hold our arms out and she runs to him.

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