Chapter 1

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~Sky's POV

As I look at the people passing y the window, I cant help but to feel that i am somehow different from all of them... the dreams that I have been having every night before my birthday are different from the others, it's like it was from the past that I cant remember... My name is Sky, I'm turning 18 in a few days, people see me as a girl without any problems in life but they're wrong.

"Sky!" i turned around and i saw Angela, she's my girl best friend since i can remember, although she's three years older than me we get along pretty well... next to her is Nico, my guy best friend he acts like he's my older brother since I'm an only child, he's a well known playboy in town who dates evry single girl that you could imagine.

"hey" I replied as I smile at them both. As Angla looks at me I could tell that she has a good news along with her, well i could really us some of that now because the past few days hadn't been that great in my dreams.

She sat beside me "It's alrady your birthday soon and because I am your best friend, I promise that I will arrange everything! Well, I'm an event planner after all so I will be busy the next few days okay?" my eyes widened, thinking it was a bad idea that Angela will be planning my birthday AGAIN! Well it's not that I dont love it but it's just that... She's going to spend a lot of money again and i dont mind if it will only be a party with my closest friends and family, but arguing with her when it comes to events like this will be useless, i sighed and i smiled at her "I really appreaciate it Angela, and I know that I will love it!" we hugged each other and she left the room saying that she have loads to do for the party.

I looked at Nico and he's still busy texting his new girl... i dont really get him at times, i mean he's always bn the one who doesnt want to settle down in the future but he's also the most romantic guy that you will ever meet.

"Sky you're turning 18 now but you are still not allowed to date okay?" I love it when i feel like i'm still a kid around him. 

I smiled at him teasingly "i know but that couldnt be helped haha!" 

With his facial expression turning serios "well, just know that I'm always ready to kill the person who will hurt you Sky" he kissed my forehead as waved good bye.

When my parents are not home, my Auntie Nelda takes good care of me, well practically speaking she has been taking good care of me since I was five, she treats me like her own because she cant bear a child and her husband passed away.

Dont get the wrong idea, I'm not a loner... I'm popular at school but i carefully choose my friends so I only have enough to pass the social aspect thingy :) 

The night comes and as always, I have a dram about my past, although not like any normal person who has different dreams, i only have one. In my dream, I was still a little kid, living in a mansion a lot similar at my present house but much bigger, i was in a wide room with a lady, i feel scared and i know that something is happening outside, a lady hugs me tightly and saying something i cant understand and then the little me fell asleep and the lady who seems to be important in my life vanishes.

-----At School-----

Nico is always with me when school starts but suddenly disappears when the day ends. Walking in the hallway with Nico, all we can hear is 'hey Nico' 'Good morning Sky' but instead of greeting them back i only smile or wave at them but Nico being a gentleman once in a while stops and tease some girls. Angela is already a Graduate student she started school early because of her 'connections' haha! 

On my way to my locker, someone bumped me, as i look at that person, I was surprised on how good looking he was, more good looking than Nico that's for sure but I only saw him today... that's weird

"be carful Sky, after all the truth about your past and the answers to all of your questions will soon be revealed to you, andvaced happy 18th birthday Sky" he whispered in my ear sending shivers down my spine beacuse of his husky voice leaving me speechless... how could someone knows a lot about me?! and what did he mean??

I asked my other friends Lory and Gail about that man who has a light brown hair, a perfectly tan skin, and also has a towering presence lik his height but all the told me is 'Sky, no man who is almost perfect will be here in this school.' so i didnt payed any more attention to it.

Around lunch I saw Nico flirting with another girl, i didnt bothr if i would ruin their conversation so  just walked towards them "Can we talk" i said as he turned around and gave me a playful smirk, oh well that's Nico for you "sure thing sweet pea" he replied with a seductive voice urgh! We both know that i hate it when he does that, it's irritating! 

We walked towards our favorite place... it was discovered by Angel of course, she loves a quiet place like this... shady old tree with our names engraved on it. We sat there for like forever as i told him the 'little happening' this morning in my locker.

"as far as I know, only me and Angela knows about your dreams" well i guess he didnt share my secret to anyone "but dont worry I'll ask around if anyone knows him" he looked at me as he smiled "So just relax Sky, nothing bad will happen on your 18th birthday" i felt secure he fits perfectly wll about him acting as my older brother and all haha!

I nod at him and i noticed that the guy this morning is looking at us well particularly me, it looks like he has been following me since this morning! 

Looking at Nico, i saw him also staring at the guy, the atmosphere is filled with silence, and awkward and scary silence, as soon as i looked back at the guy, he started walking away.

"That's him right?" Nico said as he closed his eyes "That's the mysterious guy that you have been telling me about" 

It took me a while to answr his question, a little while to snao out of my overwhelming thoughts and muttered "yes" 

He put on a playful smirk and all i thought he was serious all this time! "let's be friends with him, what do you think??" well how thoughtful of you Nico!

"I think it's a bad idea Nico! he's somehow different" i looked at the grass

he laughed at me "like you Sky, he's different like you" he caughed "so just give it a try" well he has a point, maybe it's not a bad idea after all.


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