Chapter 3: School

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Sorry for the wait ive been busy with school but now its spring break so ill be working on the book more thank you for your patience 

All of us start walking to 1st period: Annabeth goes upstairs to science class, Maire and Veve both go to the same class which is Art. Me, Brittany, and Julie all have the same class which is computers. The Bell rings and the announcements come on. Noone ever pays attention to the announcements. Me and Brittany goe sit by Julie to see whats up with her and me because she seems to have a problem with me and Josh. We pull up twp chairs to sit at her table. I proceed to ask " Are you okay with me and Josh" she replies back : " Idk"  "you must know Julie' - Brittany " Well i don't" She yells back. The teacher approiches and ask " What's going on here?" Well all reply "Nothing"  

The day goes by fairly quickly. At lunch Josh's sister Monique comes to our table and invites us to her sleepover. It was strange because she doesnt reeally talk to us much. Me and Brittany grab an invitation. I think this is a good oppurtunitie to get to know josh better. Brittany ask " Is their going to be guys" "yess their will be " replies Monique. We both giggle and monique says  " My brother will be ther to Jennifer. He told me to invite you ". I start to blush and i notice out of the corner of my eye jennifer is surprised and her facial expression chages and she seems mad and she takes an invitation to. I dont mention what she does cause im ecstatic.  

It's 7th period and i Have class with Josh. I walk in late for class cause i did not know we were in the library tgoday. As I walk in i notice Josh starring at me with a smirk on his face like he was blushing. My teacher assigned me a seat and it was close to Josh's seat. He leans over to talk to me and says:.,....... 

what do you think Josh says to Jennifer? I will have another update tomorrow morning. Thanks for reading the book. Vote, Comment on what you think josh says to jennifer. 

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