Chapter 8

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Lucky's POV

Crystal and I walked hand in hand back to my dorm room. We made it to my door. It was early in the morning. Last night, after we left the club, we spent the night in her room. We didn't do much, but I could tell that Crystal wanted to do a little something.

Once back outside my door, we stopped and turned to each other. "So, I'll see you around?" Crystal blushed a little.

"Yeah, I guess." I smiled. "Maybe later today. I'll see."

Crystal smiled back, then she leaned in and kissed me. I accepted her kiss with no problem, but my wolf whined. Knowing who our mate was, she wanted to reject Crystal so bad. I had tried to explain things to her, but she never listens.

Crystal bit my bottom lip, asking to enter. I opened my mouth a bit to let her in. Her tongue danced around wait mine as our lips moved in sync together. Her hands also made their way down to my hips and pulled me towards her body more. She was a great kisser, I'll give her that.

"Riley is better though." My wolf commented.

"The kiss lasted for no more than two seconds, you can't really judge on that."

My wolf growled at me, but remained quiet.

During the kiss, I felt familiar pain run through my system. The damn mate bond was getting worse with each kiss I gave to my current girlfriend. I winced, but Crystal didn't seem to notice.

Crystal and I pulled away soon after. We said our final goodbye, then I went inside my room. There, I found Savannah in nothing but a plain white towel. Her hair was damp, along with the parts of her body that was exposed.

"Uh, I-I'm sorry." My face instantly heated up. I covered my eyes.

Savannah giggled. "Its okay, Lucky. Im not fully naked. Besides, we're both girls so..."

"But still, I should've knocked or something."

"Don't worry about it." My roommate excused me. "You can look now though."

I opened my eyes to see Savannah in a bra and matching underwear. I couldn't help but to look at her flat stomach. Her body was gorgeous.

"I'm flattered by all the attention, but I don't think this is gonna fly by if Riley walks in on this scene."

I scoffed. "So what if she does? None of us are hooking up or anything, it shouldn't matter." I found myself stating this in a harsh tone, which was unlike me.

Savannah sighed, finished getting dressed then sat down on her bed. "Lucky, listen. I know you two are mates. I know you're dating Crystal and everything, but its obvious to me that Riley is hurting seeing you two together."

I rolled my eyes. "That's not my problem."

"Okay, but, she is your mate. If you really like Crystal, then stay with her, but don't ignore Riley. At least, I don't know, try to be her friend or something?"

"After how rude she was towards me when I first came here?" I asked. "I don't think so."

"Hasn't she been more friendly towards you now though?"

"Yeah, but only after we found out that we were mates. If we weren't, I doubt she'd have a change in attitude towards me at all." I huffed.

"But, she's starting to treat you differently. You should consider yourself lucky..." Savannah paused. "Um, no pun intended." She giggled. "Anyway, I'm just saying, you should be ecstatic that she's gone against her father's orders to eliminate you for this long."

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