The rain was heavy in France, the streets were deserted with only the sound of dripping pour of the rain coming down from the sky. Honeymoon Avenue, Ariana stared  through the window of her parent's limo. Her hands were wrapped around her waist, expectantly hugging her self from the cold weather.

Her long-curly red hair was fallen on to her back, her skin was as white as snow, her lips were plumb cherry pink. The eyes as you could see was light brown as she blinked with her long eyelashes flowing down. Ariana Beautiful Valentine, the daughter of the Queen in France. Being the proper princess, was the hardest thing in the universe. But in the school of Charm Academy would help her. A soft sigh escaped her mouth. Her blouse was white but being covered with her short uniform which was blue, the heels were black.

The door opened, and there stood her butler with a umbrella for covering in the rain. She stepped out and grabbed he hand bag. "Here goes nothing" she whispered to her self. The clatting noises from her heels were loud .

'Oh Mademoiselle!' the lady at the front of the academy waved her hands, signalling for  Ariana to come. Ariana nodded to her butler to go there. As she stepped in front of the lay, she bowed,

 'Very nice to meet you medamé ' Ariana smiled

'Nice to meet you too Mademoiselle Ariana, welcome to the academy I trust your in good hands here, I'm Mrs Hale, the head principle of the school. Shall we head to my office?'

'Yes' Ariana nodded and pressed her palms together.


'Alright, take a seat Ariana and let me take your file' Ariana sat in  Mrs Hale office. The furniture was absolutely stunning, the bright painted wall, the painted portrait of her family hanging on the wall.

'Ah here it is' Mrs Hale sat and looked at the file and up to Ariana with a bright smile. 'I see you were an A's straight student, a good leader, a cheerleader and a teacher's pet am I right ' she question as Ariana nodded with agreement, She could see that Mrs Hale was impressed by the looks in her eyes.

'Well than your perfect for this school and since it's a Saturday, you ll have a free time to look around the school' Mrs Hale smile as they stood up.

'Here's your room keys and you'll have two roomates, have fun' Ariana bowed and took the keys. A thank you escaped her mouth as she left.

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