As I made way to the origin of the sound, I began to feel uneasy and thought about turning back. I pushed aside the feeling and pursued my interest. I came to a clearing and to my surprise, it was filled with girls. Each had their own beauty to them and each had an allure. They were swimming around and I noticed their tails, mermaids. I would have questioned my sanity had I not remembered where I was. They must've sensed me because they all stopped their playful activities with one another and turned in my direction as I stepped out in full view of them.

"A girl in Neverland?" one of them said.

"Yes, its been a while since the last one." another said.

Alarms went off in my mind. But I could see that they wanted to arouse negative emotions from me. It seemed like their playful nature was now replaced by a predatory- primal nature. So I asked in a calm voice,

"What happened to the last one?"

They all avoided my question once they saw that I did not produce the reaction they wanted. The mermaid nearest to me asked instead,

"Were you the one singing?"

I nodded,

"Are you the one who sang the last part of the song?"

She too nodded.

"You have a very majestic voice. It's been a very long time since anyone has made us want to sing. We all haven't felt the need to sing in almost a century. You humans started hunting us by listening for our voices at sea and then-" the mermaid was cut off by the others hissing.

Their alluring ora's turned dark. Even their predatory body language now seemed murderous. To ease the tension, I turned the conversation back to its main point.

"How could you hear me all the way in Pan's camp?"

Every mermaid froze. Their bodies went rigid in the water at the mention of Peter. Fear laced their eyes before they all looked at me in pity and curiosity.

"How could you hear Mekinzes reply?" they said in union.

The mermaid tha5 had been speaking to me, Mekinze, then said,

"You should stay with us. Its not safe for you out there."

"Huh....what do you mean?"

They all dodge my question.

"Let us protect you. He's not safe," they said in union again.

I walked to the waters edge and lowered myself in front of Mekinze.

"Protect me from who?" I asked again.

Just then Mekinze grabbed my arm very tightly and began to pull me into the water. Electric pulses vibrating to my head. The pulses didn't hurt me, they only tingled. I started seeing black spots and my body was going limp.

"Relax." I heard Mekinze say.

There was a rustle in the bushes behind me, and I heard gasps and a lot of splashing. I felt Mekinzes grip tighten painfully before release me. My body was very limp and I couldn't move a muscle. A moment passed and I felt two hands on me. One going under and around both of my legs, the other around my back. Then I was lifted and I think I was being taken away from the water. My vision was staring to clear. All I could make out was the color green. My head stared to ache and I blacked out within moments.


When I awoke, it was nightfall and I noted that I was back in Peter's tent. I lay on my back in his bed. My head was pounding slightly, but I attempted to sit up anyway. I was barely all the way up when Peter appeared instantly beside me. He pushed me back down onto the bed rather roughly.

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