I couldn't figure it out but someone couldn't breathe. All my eyes could make out was darkness and nothing in between but the breathing became more constricted by the minute.

I didn't like not being able to see.

"Hello?" I called. "Jacob.. Is that you?"

My heart began pounding as the sound grew louder and came closer to me.

"I'm sorry.." Was all I heard.

"Who is that?" I was growing angry as the anxiety pumping through my heart increased.

"Believe me.." The person spoke. "I'm sorry"

Before I put my words together, the image of authors disfigured head flashed through my head throwing me out of my sleep.

"Damn" I whispered.

'I thought I was done with those dreams' I recited in my head.

The heavy breathing didn't stop once I woke up though which caused my chest to pulsate.

"Mo-- Mommy" I heard faintly.

I didn't even think before jumping out of my bed and rushing down the hall, to the guest room where my son was sleeping.

I found him holding his chest, his mouth wide open and gasping for oxygen.

I couldn't help the tears that formed in my sockets when I fell to his side.

"Breathe baby... Breathe for mommy" I whispered.

"I'm sca... I'm scared" He confessed, letting his eyes flutter closed.

"I'm here. Don't be scared, mommys here" A tear drop accidentally fell on to his cheek.

"No, NO... Look at me cobi" I rubbed his chest to hopfully help him but nothing was working.

I rummaged through his over night bag, looking for his inhaler and once I found it, I gentely placed it to his mouth.

"Breathe Jacobi... Breathe in for me, please.."

I could feel myself losing him while he laid in my arms.

"Jacobi? JACOBI PEREZ LOOK AT ME!" I screamed but in that instant, his hand went limp.

"MICH! MICH!" I shouted but she was already at my side, I was too focused on my son to notice.

"I'm right here.."

"He won't wake up... Jacobi won't wake up.. I need to get to a hospital" I sobbed while rocking back and forth.

"I can take you-"

"Call Corey..." I demanded bluntly while staring at her. Tears were continuously falling as I looked deep in to her almond shaped eyes. "PLEASE!"

She wasted no time leaving me alone once again. Yeah, she and I had a short fling after author passed. I wasn't comfortable going home to Corey just yet and she made it clear that Jacobi and I weren't going to be burdens so I stayed.

One thing lead to plenty of others and we ended up doing things we probably shouldn't have been doing but I was vulnerable.

I really wanted to forget what I saw at the reunion and what happened with ray and I. She was there and I was lonely.

I tried to think of how wrong it'd be to just keep fucking people I care nothing about but once Jacobi went to school, it was only her and I.

She assured me that there would be no strings, just fun and at the time, it seemed like the perfect opportunity.

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