Preference #13 - He tweets you whilst away on tour

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Harry- @Harry_Styles: Only been gone a week and I already miss         @yourtwittername insane amounts! Come and visit meee :(!

Your reply - @yourtwittername: @Harry_Styles you know I’m coming to see you in like a month so be patient… p.s. I miss you a lot too :(

Liam- @Real_Liam_Payne: Just found one of @yourtwittername’s t-shirts in my suitcase… don’t think it will fit me babe!

Your reply - @yourtwittername: @Real_Liam_Payne you should wear it babe! Only fair since I’ve been wearing your clothes everyday since you left ;)!

Louis - @Louis_Tomlinson: Just played the best prank on @NiallOfficial wish @yourtwittername was here to see the look on his face! Miss you babe!

Your reply – @yourtwittername: @Louis_Tomlinson LOL next time film it! Miss you too babe!

Niall - @NiallOfficial: @yourtwittername just fell asleep on FaceTime! Am I really that boring? Missin ya!

Your reply - @yourtwittername: @NiallOfficial yes… you are! Just kidding, Missin ya too :)

Zayn - @zaynmalik: So excited for @yourtwittername to visit next month! Miss her loads!

Your reply - @yourtwittername: @zaynmalik not nearly as excited as I am! I’m counting down the minutes! Love you :) x

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