Chapter 9

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Peetas pov

It's 2 weeks after Katniss has left for her big modeling weekend. That Monday when she returned she told me about her mom and told me she wanted to sneak around with me. At first, I was totally against it. That night, my dad found out about Kat and I. He told me that she would hurt me. He told me he used to love her mom. Head cheerleader, model, athlete, and smart. What he didn't know was how cruel Kats mom really was. I thought it might be fun sneaking around with Kat actually then and I called her that night to tell her....

I call Katniss Thursday night like every other night. We always talk until her mom come back from her job at the hospital. Apparently she's like some really important surgeon there.

"So tomorrow night?" I say smiling through the phone.

"Yep. You're coming over right?" She says and I can hear her smile.

"Yep, I'll be outside your house at 10." I say. We still see each other at school, but other than that, are parents don't want us around each other. At school, we just act like friends so no one is suspicious. We sometimes walk around the halls or meet during class so no one knows. We usually go to a movie, or to a cafe or even to dinner in the evening. Since it's been successful to now, Katniss wanted me to come over to her house tomorrow, I'm not sure how it will work out...

"Okay make sure you park where I showed you." She says again.

"I know I know. I'll see you tomorrow at school okay?" I say.

"Okay goodnight Peet." She says.

"Night Kat." I say and hang up. I head to bed for school tomorrow.

Katniss pov

I dress in cropped black legging with sequence down the sides. I throw on a gold sweater down to my midthigh. I put on nude flats and accessories. It's gotten somewhat chilly here since October is almost over. It also means Halloween is coming up. Haley, the head cheerleader at our school, is throwing a huge party like she does every year. I usually tag along with the guys anyways. They know about Peeta, of course. We still hangout like 3-4 times a week, that doesn't change. I love hanging out with them because they are like my big brothers. They watch over me at school, and I like it like that.

I grab my purse and homework and head out the morning to pick up the boys. We grab coffee then pull into school when I get a text.

"Marvel can you see who that is." I say while backing into a parking spot.

"Ohh it's Peeta. He says, 'meet me by the gym in 2.' he also put a smirk emoji." Marvel says while cracking up with Fin.

"You guys are obnoxious." I say smiling snatching my phone away. "I'll see you two in 1st."

I walk toward the gym and I know where to meet Peeta. He waits for me by this little bench where no body passes.

"Hello gorgeous." Peeta says once he sees me.

"Morning babe." I say walking up toward him. He cups his hands around both my checks and kisses me. I wrap my hand around his neck and pull him close to me. Whenever I kiss Peeta, I can't get enough. We both don't want to stop, but we eventually do. We both sit on the bench. We talk until the first bell rings. My favorite thing about Peeta is that we can talk about anything and we never have an awkward moment. The day goes by in a blink of an eye. Annie and I get closer everyday and so does Johanna and I. I love watching Annie and Johanna because Johanna is the complete opposite but they are bestfriends. Johanna does softball, and Annie does pageants like me. After a hard practice I go home to take a shower and to make a quick snack. I work on homework and help Prim with hers. I blow dry my hair and straighten it for tomorrow since I finished my homework early. I keep looking the clock wanting it to be time for Peeta to come over. My mom comes home around 8:30, and around 9:45 she tells me she's heading to bed. I text Peeta telling him she's asleep. Peeta going to have to be really quiet to come upstairs. Around 10:10 Peeta texts me he is here. I tip toe down the stairs and unlock the door. We walk up the stairs very quietly. Sneaking around with Peeta is actually kinda of a trill.

"Shhhh," I keep telling Peeta, he really isn't the quiet type. We both contain our laughs until we get into my room.

"Okay her room is downstairs so we should be good." I say smiling taking Peetas hands. They make their way to my hips and I wrap my hand around his neck. He leans his forehead on mine.

"What do you want to do now?" Peeta says smiling with his eyes closed.

"Hmm," I say then close the gap between us with my lips. Peeta lays me back on my bed gently. We continue to kiss and I twirl Peeta over so I'm on top. I guess Peeta didn't like that because he flipped me back over. I bite on Peetas bottom lip because I know that drives him crazy. I don't know how long we are making out for but in the middle of our kiss someone calls me.

"You can get that." Peeta says laughing. I reach over and grab my phone. It's Annie.

"An, what is it?" I say. Peeta starts kissing my neck then sucking on it. I hit him playfully trying not to moan but he doesn't stop. I try to keep quiet.

"Sorry to bother you but I'm with Finnick right now and I don't know what to do."

"Ahh! Yay! What's the problem then??" I say.

"We'll, he wants to take me home but I don't know if I should." she says quietly.

"Yes Annie, you should," I say trying to sound normal. Peeta keeps kissing me and I'm about to let out a moan. "Peeta stop!" I say kiddingly.

"What's going on there?" Annie says laughing.

"Nothing! I'll see you tomorrow k An? Goodluckk!" I say.

"You too" she says back then hang up. Peeta laughs then kisses me again. I lose myself in his lips. I pull him as close as possible to me. He kisses me from my lips to my collarbone to my neck to the top of my cleavage. He stays there for a little then moves his lips to the bottom of my tanktop where my skin is showing. He lifts my tanktop a little then kisses stomach going higher and higher. I take deep breathes and Peeta tries to pull my tanktop off.

"Not yet," I say quietly holding his face. He hears me and then just kisses me softly.

"It's time for me to go." He says.

"Aww," I say playfully sad.

"I know. I'll see you Sunday. Bye Kat" Peeta says then sneaks back downstairs and I hear the door close.

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